Monday, October 24, 2005


So, it's been a while since I was able to do this so I figured I'd hurry and get one in. This weekend we went up to Snowbird with J, L, G-pa N and Becker to ride the tram on "free tram day". It was perfect weather for sky and pretty warm. Even at the top of the tram @ 11K feet, it was probably 50 degrees or so. We started the afternoon off at the Pie Pizzaria in South Jordan. I can't believe some of the graffiti I saw there....I didn't think you could write some of those things in public. Utah County surely would never let that go. The tram is really pretty nice. We packed N and T in their snuggly's and they worked out great. We had tons of people comment on our cute kids. The tram is the next best thing to flying and the views are incredible. We looked over so much scenery, it was really great. Then to top it all off BYU lost horribly to the Irish and the Utes beat the pants off UNLV. What a nice ending to a great day.