Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting our Mune on....

Finally getting around to updating our May and June. First off for some reason Teeny has neglected to mention that as of Sept. 14th, we'll be a family of six. That's right, baby boy numero quatro is on his merry way to the Spencer household. Lucky little devil anyways. So we've been going through moments of sheer happiness, and sheer craziness for the last seven months. We thought long and hard about this little guy and just couldn't put him out of our heads. We are completely excited about him being a boy and so far things look super for the little guy. We're in the stage where I can actually see Teeny's belly move.

Also, the mother that brought me, Clint, into this fine world has turned 60. Yesterday we were talking about when we were kids and that 40 used to be over the hill, now it's when you're 50 or 60, which is fine by me. Forty is kind of not a big deal, you get that everyone, not a big deal. I'm getting all to close and might be a little sensitive about it. For Becky's big day, my sister, Rachel, planned a surprise party for her and might I say we had a blast! She had no idea. There were lots of people there to celebrate with us. One thing I can say about my mother other than all of the amazing things she is, is that she knows how to enjoy life. It doesn't matter what is going on in her life, she enjoys it. We love you Ma!!

I pursued another half marathon this year as well. I ended up running the AF Canyon Half, which is one of my favorite, if not my favorite. I ended up getting my best time so far and had an amazing run. I think what I like best is that my entry fee went 100 percent to helping families in Utah County that can't afford cancer treatment. Way better that giving it to sponsors like Check City and other shmoes. I would definitely recommend this run to anyone.

The boys were great supporters. It was an early morning for them though. The race started at 6am!
Always glad to finish

So, the boys got some certificates from school to go to Trafalga in Lehi. They could have done almost everything there, but chose to do laser tag. Abram has done this once and has be boasting about how awesome it was ever since. They look pretty menacing with those guns and jackets. It was fun to hear them after talk about all the people they tagged.

Love Mr. T's expression. Get out of the way.

Teeny has officially been putting up with me now for 12 years. Longer if you count when we dated. She's amazing to say the very least. I could not have custom made someone better for me. We celebrated by going to the Waldorf Astoria in Park City. It was a pretty shmoozy hotel. We had valet service for the monkey wagon, a fireplace, balcony, etc. It was a super nice room. We needed a night away from things lately. We might not seem the busiest of people, but to get away for a night together was just superb.

My best GQ pose on the balcony. I got a lot of work to do on that one.
Teeny sipping on the sparkling juice they brought us. Fantastic.
We contemplated throwing the bed off the balcony so we could take it home.....but we're chickens.

So Nolan and Tate are now six! So not right. They are goofy little guys though and we still love watching the shenanigans they get into together. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were bringing these guys home from the hospital, scared out of our minds at that. But they have been more fun than we could have ever imagined. Happy birthday boys!

Nolan loves anything Captain America lately. Both him and Tate love superheros. Grandpa Bob just had a nice taste of ice cream.
Celebrating at Becky's with Jodi. Old pelters.
I wish I always felt this way when I got presents.

One of our highlights to our summer has been spending time with Miles and Kristy and their family down in Mesquite. Our kids all get along so well and we love to hang out with them. It was fortunate for us this year to be able to go down with them and stay at the condo and we'll never forget it. The pics are in reverse order here, but you'll get the gist.

Fisher Nolan and Tate were quite the buddies.
The Jensen Clan. Thank you so much for toting us along!
Our fam on the golf cart. The kids loved riding/ driving it around.
While there we swam, golfed, swam, played, swam, etc. Did I mention we swam a lot?
Nolan in a little hot tub of his own
All the party people.
Teeny and twins.
The general scene at the pool for 3 days.
Tate's ladybug.
Abram and his noodle.
Mr. Monkey
Future olympian.
Nolan about to slide.
"Golfing" is a very gracious way to explain what I'm doing here. The more I hit, the more 'fun' I had.
Nolan however did much better.
Just outside the condo.

Along with turning six, N and T graduated from Kindergarten. They love, love, love school and had an awesome teacher, Mrs. Rigby. She was so good and so fun for the boys. They came home everyday with a great story they did at school that day. Thank goodness for good teachers!

Mrs. Rigby and the fellas just before Teeny got her to cry.
Cap n' Gown...minus the gown.
N's turn.
They loved getting pics with all the buddies.
And buddy-ettes.
All Thor'd out after the boys birthday party. Oh, what seven rowdy kids'll do.
Super-Cake eaters.
Super Hero Training.
We went to see Kung Fu Panda II. In the zone.
Eating cupcakes at Pirate Pizza.
They even got to dress up on their B-day to go to school.
Fav's and the numero 6.
Wakey, wakey time for party!
Abram was stoked!

So, Abram will also be moving on next year. See ya second grade hello third. He loves to read and learned about a lot of different places this year.
His program was one of my favorites so far. They did patriotic songs and they all got really into it.
N watching the goal....or the camera.
A learned a lot about soccer this year and made some pretty great improvements.
Planting the garden. We planted early, then had to plant some things again because of the awesome 'sprinter' we had this year.

Another highlight for us was going to Capitol Reef National Park. I had a conference in Richfield (exciting I know, and yes, it was) and after we packed up and headed to camp. It was tougher that we though to get a campsite, but alas we arrived and rocked the reef.
Along a little river walk.
Hickman Bridge. It was hot and we were still used to 40 degree weather, so we appreciated the shade.
The guys did great and loved the shade too.
On the trail.
At the park in Fruita.
The boardwalk of hieroglyphs.
Mr. Tates little hole in the wall.
Hanging with my homies.
There were plenty of formations to climb around on. Almost too many.
More rock climbing.
Tate getting ready and warmed up to get into the game.

We enjoy a good mooch every now and then and some of our friends understand that apparently. The Walkers (Jeremy, Jenni, Tyler, and Jayce) invited us to Lagoon in May. Weather wise I'm sure it would be fine right? Not so. It was cold and snowy, but it did keep the crowds away and we got a lot of rides in on a cloudy day.
Awaiting the cars. I also got Abram on the zipper and Colossus.
Rockin' the Goon.
The manly men boarding the Tidal Wave.
That's our friend Jeremy with his tounge all hanging out. He's not nearly as crazy as he might look here.

Teeny was able to go to the zoo with N and T for their Kindergarten field trip. They had a blast.

Maybe the highlight of the whole day, riding the bus!