Thursday, May 07, 2009

St. George.... loving it!!
Grandma Becky planned a wonderful family trip to St. George and we had a blast!! Thank you Grandpa Neil and Grandma Becky we love you!!

St. George has and awesome trail system, so we took advantage.

A and Grandpa on the big ride.

N and T in the bike trailer.

Tennis anyone?

N and T hammering it out on the court. Uncle Nate in the back ground.

N and T playing after our Pic-Nic in Snow Canyon. I had never been there before. It was so beautiful!!
Getting ready for our hike on the butterfly trail.
A taking a breather on the hike.

The boys with their Grandpa.
N loves to show us how big is muscles are.

Jesse turned the big 30 while we were there.
We also went to the Red Cliff recreation area in Leeds. I had also never been there before. It was a great hike for the kids and it was so amazingly beautiful.

A, N, and T inside of a huge hollowed out tree.

There were all these amazing pools on the way.
Clint and A are at the top of this one. Jesse went for a dip in this pool.....way too cold for me!

Clint, N, T and Grandpa playing in the cliffs.
We did quite a lot of swimming. A is starting to get the whole swimming thing down pretty good.
Guess who I am.
Jesse got this game for his birthday and my kids were dieing to play it.
It was pretty fun!

On our last day there we did some some more hiking at place called the Butt Crack.
T found a arch.

The whole clan minus the Nathan Spencer clan at an over look point on our hike.
Clint, A, and N on top on an arch.

Hiking up to the Butt Crack.

The whole time we were hiking we were on the look out for desert Turtles, and I had given up hope when finally Jesse found one. I must say it was pretty exciting to see. I had never seen one before.

Clint heading up to squeeze through the but crack. It is a very, very, very narrow slot canyon. He had to wiggle his way through it. Jesse went through it with him.

Behold the butt crack, ( and Grandpa Neil) this is where Clint and Jesse kept going and we waited for their return.
Thanks again Neil and Becky. We had a great time being with the family in such a fun place!!