Monday, April 26, 2010

Willing SPRING here....for the love....

When can we wear flip flops and tee shirts everyday! Our feet are suffocating in these flippin socks and need some sunshine and FINALLY we're getting some! We don't post very often, but we're busy allright. Here is the run down on the last month-ish.

We have a Thanksgiving Point membership we've been trying to milk this year and finally made it to the kids paleo lab. A, N and T had a great time chiseling fossils and making molds.

Here A is engraving his name in his fish fossil.

N and T molding dino teeth.

For preshool N and T went to some museum in Provo (shivers...). They loved checking out the animals though. Apparently it's free so we'll have to check it out sometime as a family.

Here they are in front of the creature.

Thier class.

A had his program this last month too. It was about cultures all over the world. He was Greece and they did some pretty fun dancing to go along with each area they represented.

I love this pic of A. He's the funny kid in the middle. He crack me out.
Here he is with his 'computer' he made in class.
The dancing.

We always wish Easter is going to be warm. It's hunting time! Last year we have a pic of Easter and we're all in shorts and tee shirts, but alas, this year winter seemed to doom us. It actually was a nice morning for the easter egg hunting. After all the madness was said and done N said, "I didn't cry this time". This is true. The last two years at least one of our kids has left crying, but this year they all did great and had fun.

Here they are with their spoils. N could have gotten a lot more, but he was after a certain color and kept wandering around looking for it. A and T obviously did well too.
Then on to Granny Beckys for the hunt there. Here's all the chillins with their eggs.
It's never done until the hunt at Grandma Jensens. They get quarters from uncles at this one.
And let's not forget the annual, "How did we escape again without a trip to the hospital - Pinata smashing".
N winding up.
A's baseball last year paid off. He smacked this ducky pretty good.

Teeny had another 23rd birthday this year. She is truly the best....ever and by far! What she does for our family is simply incredible and amazing to me. Our kids are awesome and I attribute that directly to how great a mom they have to watch over them while they are home. They are all great readers and smart. She inspires me everyday. She makes it hard for me to come to work each and every day. Love you Teeny!!

Opening the goods at breakfast. N is cheering her on!
For her birthday, and to get the heck out of Dodge and warm up our frozen bodies, we headed off to St. George for the weekend. We've been down there a lot over the last couple years and I'm pretty sure we could live down there. It is a great town and has so many fun things to do that are FREE. Yes, we love FREE and if we could marry it, we would.

Here the monkeys are at the City Center water park. It was so nice to finally be warm!
They boys with the 'Boy'
Then it was off to find the Dino tracks! There is a spot you can go and see real dino tracks. It's called, or we called it, Dino Cliffs. Every time that A sees a flat top mountain, or plateau, he calls it Dino Cliffs. Here he's got his foot in a big one.
Scoping out the horizon for Dinos.
The next day we spent entirely at Zions. What a beautiful place! We hiked out little bodies to the bone. The kids did great and loved getting out with us. It's great to show them these incredible things! Here we are at the Emerald Pools hike.
They were troopers on this hike. T kept mentioning how great a hiker he was and he's absolutely right!
At the top pool. We'd never seen so many people at Zions before. It was packed! Still it was so fun and so incredibly amazing!
On the way down. The scenery is fantastic.
This was the highlight of the River Walk for me. Being a turkey hunter (I went once....but loved it) it amazes me to see these big birds in the wild. He was strutting his stuff for a couple of hens in the area and had no qualms with all the people watching.
Aren't I lucky?!!!!
The boys loved riding on the bus. It may have been their favorite part.....maybe.
So, the day before we were just finishing out our day on a trail down by the Virgin River. There was a bridge that we thought we'd let the kids cross over and then we'd turn around and head back. It was a little cold and A had stuck his arms in his shirt. Well, on the bridge he tripped and fell down with no arms to catch himself and WHAM-O right on his head. At first we didn't see anything on his head, just his neck, but when we noticed the blood on my shirt that couldn't have come from his neck, we checked his noggin and sure enough there was a one inch gash down to the bone. We rushed to the InstaCare and were in and out in about an hour. The doctor and nurses were awesome and A was so brave. He never even cried while they were putting the stitches in (all seven of them). Anyway, it was good timing. We headed back to the hotel and put the kids to right to bed.

Our next day we spent at the parks. St. George has some great parks that are so unique. We packed up and picnicked at one of our favorites.
The funnest thing the kids did was swim. Even Mr. T got into it this time. They have such a great time dinking around in the water, and so did I. Teeny penciled in some face time with the sun and caught some rays while we horsed around in the pool.
Here's A and I and T in the corner of the pic.
The next Michael Phelps. He wore my swim cap to help keep his stitches dry in the pool.
Again, some lucky SOB and Teeny.
We also visited Pioneer Park on the cliffs over looking St. George. It's always really windy up there.
A really wanted to hike over to what we call the 'Buttcrack'. It's a super narrow crevice that you can barely squeeze through.
We have also been loving our time at Thanksgiving Point. The tulip festival is our favorite. So amazing!
Hugs in the Secret Garden.
Teeny loved this tree/shrub thing. The flowers on it are spectacular, so is she (can you feel the sappyness......hope so).
A took this pic. You can tell who he was focusing on.
A has been playing soccer this spring and has loved it. His favorite position is midfield because, "I can go anywhere I want to". He has done really well and has a great team and coaches. They are called the Thunder Bolts.

For Dylans birthday Jacki and Ryan invited us to go bowling. Our kids love to bowl and we had to go. Dylan was great at helping them with the balls and cheering them on. We had a great time with the Andrews. Thanks for inviting us!
Here they are checking the specs on the lane and getting things all lined up.

All in all we have a great time together as a family. We hope that lasts for a long long long long long time. These guys make life so much fun!