Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SLC Half / Tulip festival and more...

K ran her second SLC (third overall) half marathon this weekend and did awesome. She's funny because she always gets a little nervous beforehand, but kicks tail on her runs. She has a great natural running ability. It's fun to watch her too. This year I took all the kiddies along. We had gotten them all cowbells at the expo the night before and A really got into ringing his, but N and T were so taken by all the runners they just stood and watched them all go by. People would see them and say hello though, which was nice of them.

Teeny and Jayne

The family pic....nice yellows

The biker dudes and Teeny's medal

I had planned out different places along the route we'd see her and as it worked out I had just enough time between each place to pack up the kids, drive to the next spot, unpack the kids, watch her go by and then load them up all over again. Jesse and Neil biked from Riverton to see her run, and her sister Jayne came up to see her too. Becky met us at the finish line. It was great having all that support there for Teeny. It means a lot to her, and me. We've both decided that next year we'll get a room downtown and make a weekend of it.

Anyway, she did great and we're all so proud to have such a great wife, mom, friend, sister, etc..!!

We also went to the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point. Although the tulips weren't out yet, it was still a blast. The kids ran their little legs out. The gardens are huge and have so much to see. We'll have to go back a couple times to get it all in.

A called these tulips 'roses' because they were red...

The waterfalls....amazing.

Takin' a breather

These next pics are just fun ones I wanted to add....

Bubbles and kids....nothing more fun

N and his cousin Fisher

Gangster T

At the zoo....

N is just a crack up...

Teeny had a 'zim-zam' when she was a kid. We had to get this when we saw it.

A reading books to they boys...

A and T with Larry's girl Madelyn at the Dino Museum. They had a ton of fun. Thanks for coming all the way out Larry!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Teeny's b-day, but who's counting???

So clint suprised me the weekend of my birthday. (Not usually easy to slip one past me) He came home from work early with flowers and a plan. He had gotten my sister Jayne (who is soooo awesome) to watch the kids over night and we were off the Salt Lake for a weekend get away. We had a blast. We did all the things we never get to do any more. We went to dinner, and a movie and did some shopping. It was so great to just hang out and spend time together. The next day we picked up the boys from my sisters and took them to the zoo. They had a blast and they were so cute. All in all it was a great birthday and the best gift clint could have given to me. I will never forget it.

In Clints words......

So for anyone that knows Teeny, she is the queen questioner, which makes keeping surprises pretty tough, but I did it. I've been getting myself worked up about what to do for her b-day for at least three weeks before it. More than anything I wanted to give her something she'd remember because I can never remember things I get for my b-day's, no matter how great the gift. So, I schemed up a one-night get away, shopping, movies and whatever else her little heart desired. I showed up at home early on Friday and within an hour we were off to Salt Lake. Here are some pics....

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ride that pony - YeeHawnkytonk!!

You gotta love kids and animals. Even better when they're combined. We headed to the Pet Farm @ Thanksgiving Point and let the kids mingle with chickens, horses, and the like. We'll let the pics do the talking....

Getting tounge from a goat is pretty slimy...

A joined in after a while

T had no fears...check out the upper lip on that Llama!!

This is about as daring as N was...minus the horse ride

It's always a crap shoot on the horse rides. N and T had never been on one and A was all over it. But when we asked N and T if they wanted to ride they were all over it too. Break out the chaps and wranglers!

They each picked out which one they wanted to ride, and for once each was different!!