Thursday, February 21, 2008 emasculating.....

What is her name? Teeny
How long have you been together? known each other 11 years, married 8.5
How long did you date? We knew each other for 3 years and 'dated' 1 of those
How old is she? 29...still looks like a teenager
Who eats more? ME
Who said I love you first? I did
Who is taller? Me; major requirement for wife is to be shorter than I
Who can sing better? She sings fine, but I have to say me.

Who is smarter? Teeny by a landslide....if she worked we'd be millionaires.
Who does the laundry? Her....mostly. I try and help when I can (really)

Who pays the bills? She does. %$#@! bills
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me, alarms don't phase her either.
Who mows the lawn? She mows, I trim.
Who cooks dinner? She cooks and is awesome at it. (lasagna last night...awesome)

Who drives? Teeny, unless it's snowy.
Who is more stubborn? I'm going to say me here.
Who kissed who first? I did. Missed the first time and got her nose. (it was dark and I was nervous!).

Who asked who out first? I did. Nice easy hike up Lone Peak that would probaby kill a goat. She was a trooper and we yapped the whole time. Haven't stopped yet.

Who proposed? I did....what a dumb question.
Who has more friends? Teeny

Who is more sensitive? Teeny, and I love it.

I TAG: No one. The buck stops here.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Did someone say 'FREE'???

So, I'm a third grader at heart and I'll prove it. Last week in our carpool Wendy mentions that her dad has Jazz tickets, and without even hearing anymore of what she was going to say I spout out, "I'll take em!" Nice. Rochelle, our other carpooler, is a Jazz fan too, but I spoke first right? So she gave the tickets to me and Teeny and I got another date this week.

The seats were pretty good too, 20th row in a corner in the lower bowl. We ate a Kneeders and it was divine. We shared a brownie that we both agreed should be illegal, not to mention the croissant sandwich. We ran into Wendy too, actually we saw her on the 'Kiss Cam' on the JumboTron screen. Turns out that D-fresh was there with his brother and dad, and Larry and fam were there too. Wish we'd have known. At any rate it was another fun outing. Teeny tolerated my comments and had a good time banging the Jazz sticks together whenever she could. Thanks too, to my ma and pa for watching the kids. Sorry we have no pics of us at the game just some lame clips from the net. Go Jazz!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Date Night.....

So we filled up our Cafe Rio card and had a free meal and found out that 'Dan in Real Life' was playing at the dollar movies and thought....'sounds like a date to me!!'. We found out when we got to the movies that 'Dan' wouldn't be playing til 9pm, so we watched 'August Rush'. I have to say that it's in my top 10. It revolves around how music effects our lives. If anyone enjoys music, this is a great show. It was great to hang out with Teeny, always has been.