Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heck-uf-a lot of stuff......

Get out your Pepto and Tums, this is going to be a lot to digest in one sitting. It's our family, buffet style.....

This is the Mother's Day hoop-la at the Jensens. Here I can be seen opening a can of whoop-a on Jayne in a game of zim-zam.

When we're working in the yard the kids always head to the garage to see what they can get into. A found this tow rope and played 'Mater' for bit.

How does it feel to retire?? My Ma knows. Her job was actually out-sorced to Mexico so she got off early. So far, I haven't heard any complaints. She deserves an awesome retirement for all she's put up with over the years. Love ya Mom!

So A graduated from Preschool...holy cow, that was way to fast! He loved going and would ask us every day, "Is today preschool?" We wish he could go all summer long. He made some fun friends and his teacher, Neisha, was awesome! He did great and learned a ton. We just can't believe that Kindergarten is next!

A breaking it down

Granny Becky beared the wind with the rest of us. Thanks for coming, Ma!

This is teacher Neisha. She apparently has ties to Granger and Teeny knew of her. What a great teacher!

Gma Becky got all the boys these cute books.

My nephew, Mitch, got his mission call not too long ago to Puerto Rico East, which includes Barbados. Yeah, sounds like a tough place to be for two years. We went through the temple with him in Manti and it was really neat to see him there. Before long A will be doing the same thing. Time is no friend of mine.

The fam at the temple

Me and my hot bride

N and T are THREE! We cannot believe that three years ago we were counting ounces they drank and times they had dirty diapers. If we tried to do that now, that's all we'd do. They have been so much fun watching grow up and they are so good together with A. They have a special bond between them, but also love A so much. We headed up to Ogden to the Dino Park. Pretty cool stuff.

This was just a cool pic

The boys and a triceratops type dino

This was my favorite dino...the velociraptor

A has loved the stegosaurus lately. Him and Teeny,

Opening the grub. These are undies for when they're ready to take the plunge.

We got T a fire truck, of which they all love, and N a dino set. It's so easy to please them at this age!

Dinos on parade

This is what a father dreams about. I guess more Teeny than I seeing as how she usually ends up mowing....hey, I trim! They loved the mowers from Gma and Gpa Spencer.

This is just a great shot of N and watermelon

The neanderthal watermelon seed spitting contest

The chikitas hanging out

Blowing out the candles was funny. Check out T's cheeks, and N was taking notes for his turn.

Gma and Gpa Jensen came out and got all three of the boys these rocket shooters. Instant hit for them. They also got them life preservers. Too bad Chevron pool is closed this year, but I'm sure we'll still use them a lot this summer. Thanks!

This time they both had the hang of the blowing of the candles. T is totally pumped that they all went out.

Our Ninth, that's right 9th, anniversary couldn't have been more of what we needed. After beating our brains and our budget, we thought that it was time we graced Logan with our presence! T had perfect timing though and started puking about half an hour before we were supposed to drop him off at Becks. Luckily I have an awesome Ma and she watched after him while we went to a movie and date. No puking was reported so we took our chances and headed to Logan. That place has so many memories for us. We were there the first 3 years of our marriage and our roots are there we feel. We stayed right at the University Inn on campus. It was serious memory overload. We went jogging on all our trails, played some wicked good tennis, walked the river trail we'd walked a million times together when Teeny was preg-o with A, mooched free bread from Great Harvest, lunched at the ever prestigious Blubird, walked Center Street where we first lived, and just generally had a relaxing time. I love that I married Teeny. What an amazing person she is and what wonderful memories she has created for me and our family. I hope that she can tolerate me, without me feeling so, for another 9-hundred years. A huge thanks to her for all she's taught me. I love you Teeny!!

Still look like we did nine years ago....HOT!

Kiss my 'A'. Good memories becoming a True Aggie.

We lived in the basement of this house for the first six months we were hitched...

This was the view across the street from our dinky basement apartment.

We stopped off to see Jess, Lindy and Finn's new pad. Pretty sweet. It's awesome to have them closer.

We also got together with some of Teeny's old friends from high school. It was a blast to see everyone again and touch base with everyone. Thank goodness for blogs we can all keep tabs on what we're all doing.

Larry was also kind enough to take the kiddies and Teeny to the Discovery Center at the Gateway. Teeny said they loved it and had tons of stuff to do! Thanks Larry!

A's highlight of the day was flying the helicopter

I love the tye dye aprons here....

So, there it is. Hope you were able to make it this far, and thank you for reading.