Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our lovely Fall

Well, it's happened again.  We're way behind on the blog, but what's new.  Here are the pics and they are kind of shuffled in together so I'll try and get my stories straight.

Mr. Nash.  What can you say about a kid this fun.  He was lots of things for Halloween, but ended up being a horse, and a mighty fine steed he is.
Mr. Abram doing a little trail running with the running club. This was one of his best races. He did so good.
So proud of him.
Pickin' pumpkins at our neighborhood pumpkin patch. It is so fun having it right in the neighborhood
We loaded Nash up in the red wagon right along with the pumpkins.
Best fall season ever. So warm we got to go to the zoo again!

New baby giraffe at the zoo. So cute!
I love it when my boys all crowd around a book.
Makes me so happy!

For Clint's birthday he got a bike rack that fits all of our bikes.
We loaded it up and took the kids for a bike ride on the Jordan River bike Trail.

We bought and with a lot of sweat and tears finished a piano.
Abram has been taking lessons for two years and has been practicing on a keyboard.
I think he has improved so much having a real piano to play on.
Abram got his Bear and is now a Webelo. He is growing up so fast.
First snow day of the year.
Clint's traditional donut birthday cake.
Thanksgiving at Grandma Angus's 
All her kids and their spouses were there this year. It was so fun to see all of them together.
Another adventure cutting down our Christmas tree with the Jensen's 
and Grandma and Grandpa Spencer.
Nash helping his brothers decorate the tree.
Abram went hunting with Clint. It does not take long for him to get dirty.
Finishing up the tree.

Some how the pics got all out of order,and we are back to Halloween 
After having three boys Nash had 
a plethora of costumes to choose from.

My sweet nephew Conner left on his mission for Brazil. So fun to hear how well he is doing.
Clint especially loves to hear from his because that is also where he served.
All my siblings and my parents.
Tracy Aviary. The boys had such a good time.
They had a very cool bird show.
Ya that's right. This is November. Beautiful!

Pinewood derby. Abram came in third twice and first once.
Milling around the village for witches.
On the look out for Pink Floyd.
Nash with his grandma Becky.

Abrams last race for the season.
Abram and his BFF Sam.
Halloween at Nolan Park.
Clint's big 38!
Carving of the pumpkins!

Halloween at the school. Jengo Fet and Boba Fet. 
Totally their idea.
Grim reaper...also his idea.
Family run day with the running club.
Halloween at Grandpa Neil's office. Where we get the good stuff!

Trick or Treating at the scariest house in the neighborhood.
Good job Ames!!
Heading out for some trick or treating.