Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life in the fast lane....Blog catch up

We've been lazy about updating the blog. Sometimes it's just not priority numero uno, but we like to get around to it so we can look back at what the dickens we've been up to. Hope anyone else enjoys it too.

So A started first grade. Parents say it all the time, but it is amazing that we're already here with him. He has been such a great student and great kid. He couldn't wait to get to school. He's been walking with some of his buddies as a group in the morning and it cracks us up to watch them head off to school, and a little sad too.

Lining up waiting for Teach....
We got there with plenty of time so he could play for a little before the bell rang.
N and T started preschool this year too! They go twice a week for 2 hours and have loved it! Thier teacher is also thier sunday school teacher (Miss Tausha/ Sis. Petersen) so it works out great. She knows both of them quite well and does a great job with them in both regards. They love playing with thier friends there and love the prizes they get from Miss Tausha and Miss Rochelle. Teeny is also working with them on reading and they are both catching on so well. Smart/ funny/ cute kids.

These guys were anxious to go after watching A head to school too
One of our outings was taking the kiddies up to Vivian Park and Bridal Veil Falls. It was nice to hang out with them. They loved putting thier feet in the water! N is probably a little more daring than we care for him to be.

Mr. Muscles
Posing with the falls
Teeny thought this bench was sooo funny. How would you like to have been the one to bend that puppy?!
It's not in a little boys DNA to stay away from water. So tempting!!
We were in the car when A tells us he sees and upside down rainbow. What the heck? Then we saw what he was talking about, this Sun Dog!
This is a nights harvest this year. We're stoked that our garden actually produced this year!
Before school started we wanted to go camping as a family and we got that chance just a weekend before. We headed to Palisade Lake down by Manti and Gunnison and had a great time with the frogs and fish and water.
T and his 'Moves'
Cruisin' the canoe. It couldn't have been better weather for it.
We spent most of our time on the beach. A spent most of his time in the water.
N catching some rays
T sporting dads glasses
They have these platforms there that the kids ( and I ) loved to play on. N and A loved jumping off into the water. T was just glad to hang out on them.
Boys and mud....
We rented a canoe for cheap and were out on the lake a lot checking out the scene.
The boys scouring the beach.
Happy together....
Dudes at sunset
These frogs were everywhere down there. We also ran into one that was pretty big! Teeny was thrilled.
Another sunset
Teeny took this pic and it turned out great. She has a natural eye for good pics!
Boys on a log...
More boys, more of the log....
We also went to Thanksgiving Point for Monday Night Pirate Night! It was a hit.
They all got popsicles at the end. T was shirtless with his.
This is the treasure at the end of the hunt...
Teeny and N checking out the falls.
Reading the clues to the treasure!
In the gardens...
Sword fighting on the plank
T with his eye patch
Teeny's parents were kind enough to take the fam to Lagoon again this year. It was great. Here are the pics in reverse order.
Teeny was a little more into this ride than the boys
A and his cousin Dylan on the white roller coaster. We jiggled our inerds out!
N and T weren't that keen on the Tidal Wave, but that didn't stop Teeny and I from going on it with them.
T and Zoie
The boys loved thier time with Zoie. They don't get to see her much becuase she lives in Colorado. It was fun to have her around!
T was pretty excited for Puff
N, not so much...
A was good on most any ride. He loved the Dino Drop the most probably.
This is a pic that we got while standing in line for Puff
On the Tidal Wave again...
N and T loved the kiddy rides....all of them.
This was one of the favorites, the China ride. It was a great day and we're so glad that Grandma and Grandpa Jensen were there too! They're the best!