Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September...who doesn't love fall?

Labor Day weekend is Clint's favorite Holiday, next to Christmas. We have a huge family get together in Payson where Onion Days is happening. It is fun to be with family, hang out and have fun. Every year we have a family golf tournament and I did not get any pictures of it this year cause I did not go. But Clint had a blast and his team won!! I stayed back at Aunt Trina's and the kids had a lot of fun playing in the water. They could have done this the whole weekend.

Nolan playing in the water.

Abram in the water

Not all the kids but a lot of them.

The next day after a huge breakfast we headed up to the grotto. This is Abram hiking with Clint's cousin Tanner.

Nolan sang the whole way up and drove his brothers a little nuts, but I liked it, He is such a happy kid and loves to make up little songs. I had the song "time to cross the water the water the water, time to cross the water" stuck in my brain the rest of the weekend.

We made it to the Grotto!

Party on party peeps. We had quite the group on the hike.

Abram and Clint in the back of the Grotto.

Maggie in the Grotto.

You can't go to Onion days with out hitting the carnie rides.

Abram and Clint

The boys on a Jeep ride.

We also did a little game playing over the weekend.

Becky being Donald Trump.

We ended the weekend with the parade. Nolan and Tate love the sirens, can you tell?

Utah's Hogle Zoo

Every fall I get some kind of innate desire to go to the zoo. So we took our usual fall trip to the zoo. I am always amazed by the animals.

We started out with the elephant show.

The boys love the reptile house. I am just glad a bird did not poop on me this year. Yes, that is what usually happens to me when I am around birds. I must have really ticked off a few birds in a previous life or something. I have reason to believe I have been shatted on by birds more then the average person. Just ask Clint.

Here we are at the bird show. No poop this time either.


So proud of Nolan, this is the first year he was not afraid to get a drink from the Lion.

What a brave little guy.

Gotta have a train ride.

Tate the turtle.

Utah State Fair

Neil and Becky love to go to the fair. They called us and told us they wanted to go but that it is more fun with kids. So we went with them.
The kids loved the animals.

I was glad I brought hand sanitizer.

Baby pigs.
They liked the crazy feathers on the chickens.

I think this was there fav and mine. A working bee hive. I have to admit it was really amazing to see so close up.

You gotta love the old tractors.

He's a brine shrimp.

Alas the end of our evening. Thanks Neil and Becky we had a blast!

Cascade Springs
Driving the Alpine Loop in the fall is one of my favorite things to do. We always stop at Cascade Springs and do a little waking. If you have never been there you should for sure go. It is absolutely gorgeous!!
Here are some pictures of the boys playing around Cascade Springs.

With all the boys in school now, one of the ups is that Clint has every other Friday day off and we get some time together. Last Friday we went Mtn. biking. We use to do this a lot when we lived in Logan and I don't think I had been since before we had kids. It was so much fun. It was so great that we left right from our house on our bikes and we were in the mountains in less then five minutes. I love living where we do. It is so beautiful!!
Clint in his own words, taring up the mountain.
You gotta love the view.
Apple Orchard
The next Friday that Clint had off. I had to take the boys out of school early for flu shots. After the shots we decided to hit the local orchard.
Tate with his pumpkin.
Waiting for the hay ride.

Still waiting.
So excited. Can't wait any longer.
yep... Abram is waiting
Almost there.

Finally.... we waited forever. However it was well worth the wait we just happen to be the only ones there on the first hay ride of the season so we got the special treatment. Two guys drivng the tractor the older one, ( I think he owned the orchard) was trainin a kid how to drive the tractor and where to go. I guess the ride would normally just take you to the pumpkin patch, but we wanted to see the orchard, and the orchard we got.

We got out and picked our own apples.

The kids got to test the maze that they had not opened yet. The guy wanted to make sure that kids will like it. It was made out of huge apple crates.
Of course they loved it!
We got a private hour long tour of the orchard and I am convinced that I would love to live on an orchard.