Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Blog neglect....

We know the world has been waiting for the next bit of news from our family so we thought we'd get to it. This is mostly for Rach and Doug who are quite neglectful themselves pertaining to the blogosphere, but they haven't seen the Nash and all his marvelous accomplishments. He slobbers, jabbers, turns over both ways, almost sits up, has a healthy chuckle, eats his toes and just generally loves life. We wish we were more like him, but alas, we have him and Abram, Nolan and Tate, so who are we to complain? They are all the best and we love how they get along. Here's what we've been up to, for the most part.

We put Nash in his little saucer jumper thing and he wasn't super sure about it, but he loves the lights and loves it when his brothers turn him around in his chair.

Mr. Drool

We haven't been documenting it hardly at all, but we've been in the process of finishing our basement for almost a year now. In Clint's lazy butt defense there were a few months last year that made it really hard to get anything done on it. We'd hoped to have it done before Nash was born, but he had different plans. We're getting close now though. Only painting and carpet to do. We've done everything ourselves minus hanging drywall and mudding, best money we've ever spent. One day we hope to have a finished basement.....one day.

This is after day one of painting. That's a nice combo of drywall, primer, sweat and tears.

Abram is fantastic to say the very least. He had an assignment to do a biography on anyone famous and while other kids chose 'Justin Beiber' Abram chose to do his report on Abraham Lincoln. Couldn't be more proud of the kid. It's probably a lot because of the name, but he worked hard on learning all about Honest Abe. Teeny worked her tail off too making his hat and costume, not to mention helping Abram learn about Abe. It was a fun family project and we all got to learn a little about our 16th president. On the day he had his fair, he did such a great job as Lincoln.

Abe as Abe and his project.
Mr. Nash

With the loads of snow we've been getting this year we figured it was time to do a little snow shoeing. Neil is a fanatic and has decided to go snow shoeing every weekend until he can't this year. We went up to Solitude with the fam and it turned out to be a great day. We were worried that Nash wouldn't be to crazy about it, but he was bundled up so much that he slept most of it away. Our boys were mostly excited just to wear the long johns they got for Christmas.

All 'johned' out.
Noly making an angel
We found this little tree that someone had decorated and left a nice bag of candy on out in the middle of the forest.

With all the snow we've not actually had this year, we have tried to take advantage and get our bodies outside as much as we can. With our last summer not being so great, we need that time to make up for it.

Abram and Nolan playing a little ball

Here is one thing we love about Nash; Abram loves to be his brother, and he is sooo good at it. He'll make Nash happy when he's grumpy, and gets a smile on his face every time he talks to him. Nolan and Tate are great with him too. They are the best of brothers.
The Bumbo.....I think that's what it's called. Love his face.
The first time Nash had solid food. Two seconds earlier all three of the boys were laughing at him while he tried his darndest to eat.
Yeah, he doesn't exactly know what's going on here. He's much better now, lucky for him.
We've also hit the rink this winter. Tate is tearing it up on the fresh ice after the Zamboni.
Taking a breather.
We take the stroller every time and get the funniest looks from people.
Elephant head.
Abram has gotten much better this year.

Here we are at the yearly model train show. It's always fascinating to me how all these old guys have the time, money and ambition to spend there lives doing model trains. We love the show though, so more power to them.

This was for Abrams fair. Lifesize Lincon.
Abram is now in Bears in scouting too. No bees or people were injured in the taking of this picture.
We finally cashed in our 'Pass of all Passes' along with the rest of Utah at Trafalga.
Finally, this lizard just finished polishing off a hamster they let loose in its enclosure. He had blood drooling out of his mouth and everything when he was done. Animal.....