Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall-ing blog....

It's always fun updating the blog. Teeny has been great the last little while, but while she is inundated with planning Thanksgiving feasts for the boys classes, I have been asked to pick up the slack. We've had a great fall. It's been great weather until today when apparently the storm of all storms is rolling in to Utah....fabulous. I'll get to the pics.....

N and T love doing their homework. They are such good little workers when they get stuck on a project.
So, Becky loves to spoil the monkeys....we love it too. She took the little squirts out and this is what they came back looking like.
We hit the park on a pleasant fall afternoon and it was so funny to watch them as they "got their exercise" as they put it. Here they are stretching before lapping the playground.
For my birthday this year, 36th by the way, the kids all got me Sorry. I haven't played in years, but they love it!
Teeny spoiled me this year. We've been sharing one ipod shuffle between the two of us for the last year or so, and she went out and surprised me with the new nano touch. I love it! She is the greatest!
Also for my birthday, we kept the kids out of school and took them up to Heber to get the annual Chiristmas tree permit(s). It was an early haul, but they loved breakfast at McD's. Then it was down to the valley and Temple Square. It was great being with my family on my b-day. Couldn't think of a better way to spend it.
The boys and I by the fountain.
Mr. A doing his best 'cool guy'. He just laughs and thinks he's so funny....we do too.
N and T bouncing around the fountains.
A and N waiting for us to catch up....they waited a lot.
We'd also never been to the top of the Church Office building, so being a Friday, we did it. This is the view looking west.
Mr. A holding a pose, almost, for the pic. That's Brigham's house down there.
Halloween....what a day, or week, or month. The dudes have been dressing up in their costumes since September. They were so excited this year to get candy, and rightly so. The weather was a pooper for trick or treating, but alas, Teeny braved it with them so I could stay home and watch the Utes game. Thanks Teeny! They all had a blast and hauled in some serious booty.
Every year my dad's office does a 'full size candy bar' trick or treat at his office. We met Nate and Jodi and their kids as well as Jess and Lindy with their chillins there this year. This is the after math where the kids scarf down the things they know we won't let them have first.
The cutest fat gorilla of the day.....
The bunch before the raid.
T was so excited to be 'Captain Jack Sparrow' even though he's never seen that movie or know who he is. He did a pretty great job as a pirate though. Happy little bucaneer.
We loved that N wanted to be Captain America. We had to get the costume with muscles in it just because the kid is such a string bean. He was awesome! It was crazy watching them all in their parades this year. Wish they'd stay this young forever.
Why A was holding up the 'rockstar salute' during the entire parade is beyond us, but he held to it and was an awesome ninja. His little personality is growing every day.
The guys putting on the scary face for the pics with the pumpkins.
The lit creations this year. A did the skulls, N was the bat, and T did the ghosts.
Let the carving begin.
So, a the week before Halloween, Teeny planned a primary activity where the kids came dressed up. It was a lot of work, but turned out great. Here is A cheering on Mr. T in the broom races.
A and his crew. Kaleb, Brayden and N.
This is the pumpkin we grew in our garden this year. It seems like we only get one or two, but hey, it was pretty big. A really wanted his pic with Mr. Bones too.

Well, I guess that's it. Halloween was really fun this year with the guys. They are at the perfect stage for loving everything about it. N was even a lot braver this year and didn't get as scared as last. We watched Charlie Browns 'Great Pumpkin' way too many times, ate too much candy and had a great time doing it!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Our October Fest....Part One.

We started our October off with an amazing sailing trip with Grandpa Neil. Our boys love to sail and I have a lot of pics cause I love sailing pictures. It's so fun to watch them learn how to sail and help their Grandpa. Thanks Neil for the sail, we had a great time.
Mr. A helping Grandpa get the sail up.
We're sailing!!

Mr. T was on the look out for pirates the whole time we were on the boat.

So we figured we had better raise the ol' Jolly Roger.

The fall is the best time of year to go sailing. It was the most gorgeous day.

The next weekend we went to Snowbird to ride the tram. It was such a great drive with all the fall leaves in the Canyon and when you get to the top of the mountain on the tram you feel like you are on top of the world.

At the top you can see over into Heber.On this side you can see Salt Lake Valley and the back of Lone Peak.

My Boys love to play with Rocks.
What would October be with out hitting the pumpkin patch. Our kids had such a great time picking out their pumpkins, playing the the corn maze, and playing on the tractors.

We had a great garden this year. We had lots of tomatoes, beans, squash, peppers, and one giant pumpkin. When it was finally time to dig up the carrots I could not believe the amount of carrots we got. This picture does not do them justice. When I finally figured out what to do with all of them. I filled ten one gallon size freezer bags with washed,peeled, and cut carrots. It freaking took me all day. But we'll have carrots for a really long time, and the boys thought it was amazing that they could grow so many.