Friday, March 28, 2008

Eggs, eggs, everywhere...

So, Easter sure did come early this year. It only could have come another day earlier, technically speaking. It was kind of weird for us though. I can't remember an Easter in March. We love it though and had so much fun with the monkeys this year. We took them to the local Easter egg hunt in the Ranches and they all did great. I don't think that A got any eggs last year, so he was excited to get just one this year. N and T did really good too. They were in a different age group, obviously, and they each scored about 9 eggs. It was fun watching them. Parents weren't allowed to help, even though some did, but all our kids did fine just as well. We even got a prize this year in one of our eggs.

T out huntin' for eggs. N's just behind him.

Gettin' psyched for the hunt

A and his loot

Then it was over to Neil and Beckys to color eggs and roast weenies and marshmallows. Neil has some interesting stories from his Payson days. It's just funny what went on back then. The kids all loved the fire and I'm pretty sure had a lot of ash on their hot dogs. N kept wanting to roast it all by himself so I'd let him and the hot dog would surely dip down into the depths of the ash at the bottom of the fire pit. But they still ate them, so whatever pleases them. The coloring of eggs was pretty crazy. Ava Lyn was there and really loved getting her hands into the dye. None of the kids really grasped the concept that eggs can break pretty easily too. Neil was on clean up patrol for the broken eggs. We had a great time and are so glad we could spend time with family.

The goodies and the kiddies

Weenie roasting round the fire

These two crack me up

Ava and the STRAWBERRY

Red handed

N re-colored a few eggs

Luckily for our kids the Bunny found his way to our house. It's always funny watching them look for their baskets. It's like they don't believe us when we tell them that they are in the family room and start looking all over the house. They eventually succombed to our advice and found their baskets. Teeny is quite pleased with the kids baskets. They are pretty cute, and she has put their names on them this year with little white vinyl decals so they are even more cute than before. The kids loaded up on candy and then we headed to church where A finally got up in Sacrament meeting and sang with the Primary!! We couldn't believe it! It's amazing what he'll do when we tell him that he can't do it (reverse psychology goes a long way with him).

Look at that loot!
After church it was off to the Jensens. It is always the gathering of the masses. Kids, food, drinks, and candy everywhere. The kids had a good time again hunting for eggs and cashing in their slips for quarters from the uncles. Then Bob broke out the pinata, a yearly tradition. Why Easter and pinatas? I don't know, but it is one of my favorite parts about Easter. Nothing we do is more dangerous than being around a group of savage kids swinging a stick at a pinata. Then as the thing breaks it's the mad dash to get the candy while the kid who broke it is still swinging, fully unaware of the loot at his feet. We try to make it as safe as possible, and so far have avoided any injuries.

Busting up the pinata

N and rockstar Ashlyn
We were able to see Doug and Rach before we headed home that night too. All in all, what an Easter. On a side note, we got a new camera. Our lousy old one was like a vampire sucking the life out of batteries faster than we could put them in it. We got a Canon and have loved it!

T loved the bubbles...more please??

The boys and 'rockstar to be' Ava

Friday, March 21, 2008

Tag-O-Rama...This ones Teeny's

A: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.

B: Each player answers the questions about themselves.

C: At the end of the post, the player then tags 3 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they havebeen tagged and asking them to read your blog.

#1 What was I doing 10 years ago? I was living in Logan, dating clint, going to Utah State, working at Convergys, and basically living the college dream.

#2 Things on my To-Do List today: Today was a little different then usual. I went to a funeral (not so fun), went to lunch with my mom, dad, and sisters Jayne and Jacki. I came home and Clint and I took the boys to the Thanksgiving Point country farm. We then did a little shopping, had dinner, put the boys to bed early(no naps) and vegged after cleaning up the house.

#3 What would I do if I were suddenly a Billionaire: Buy my dream home, clint would retire and we would travel a lot and never ever worry about money!

#4 Bad Habits: I binge eat after my kids go to bed, and nothing else I want to admit to on my blog.

#5 Places I have lived

1.West Valley City, (the hood) Ut

2.Ephraim, Ut

3. Guangzhou, China

4. Logan, Ut

5. Happy Valley, Ut

#6 Jobs I have had

1. The popcorn cottage

2. Economy Builders Supply (where I met Clint)

3. Various and numerous jobs through a temp agency.

4. Convergys.

#7 Things that people don't know about me

1. I am in love with Edward the vampire, and I am planning on reading the books again not to mention the new ones, and seeing the movie that will be coming out this fall!!!
2. Never mind....

3. I gag at the sight of loose hair that has fallen. aka shower drain hair.

4. I am not an animal person and, have never touched our dog nibley.

I tag Kristy, Lynette, and Jacki

Monday, March 17, 2008

Moab....Run boy run!

So, after much deliberation, I decided once again to attempt Moab's Half Marathon. Crud, I decided the second I left that friggin' hospital last year that I wouldn't let a near death experience hamper my running (wisdom comes with age right..I'm only 33???). I have great support too, Teeny has been great from the get go. Besides, the race gives us an excuse to go to Moab, and that's all I really need. So I trained harder, and even got a pulse monitor (my saving grace). I figured last year I just started too fast and ran out of gas one lousy mile before I finished. The heart rate monitor helped me stay in "the zone". I felt way better and FINISHED with a time of about 2hr 10min (about a 10 min mile exactly).

Apparently I raised my arm a lot during the race

Moab is a great trip. We were hoping for warmer weather than the dismal friggin' cold we've experienced lately and got a little bit warmer. It was about 50-55 for the highs, which was nice. We packed up the fam and headed down Friday. A couldn't wait to stay in a hotel. I'm sure he could live in one. This would be our first attempt at not putting N or T in a crib too, which worked out kinda funny. We thought we'd just stick them all in one bed and when we got them all situated they kept just playing around so I threw out the threat, "if you don't stay in bed, you have to sleep in the crib". N totally took me up on this, not by getting out of bed, but telling us, "I want crib". So we stuck him in the crib and all went to sleep happy. N is the funniest kid sometimes.

A and T and the Moab Landscape...

What a happy couple

We played at the park when we first got down there too and had some pretty hotly contested foot races. Neil (my dad) took on Teeny and lost by a landslide despite his attempts to cheat.

Monkey in a cage....

Like three kids kickin' thier feet..

Three Bums

The Arches are also a main attraction. If anyone has not been to Delicate Arch they are missing a peice of this world that is a must see, especially if you live in Utah. Arches in general is an amazing place. A was a trooper on all the hikes this year and N and T did well on the little hikes, but we packed them up to Delicate.

A, Beckster, Neil, and Kris (Lindy's Mom)

The trek to Delicate....

Glad to be at the top

Finn and Company

The family at the windows. A is trying to shade N's eyes.

Friday, March 14, 2008

New Feature on the blog...

Hello all (I know that at least two or three people read this). Anyway, I've added some music clips to our blogsite now (keeping up with the Chambers). I hope you enjoy them, and if you don't I do. We have tons to update, but no time right now. For all that care, I did survive Moab this year and actually finished! More about that later. Until then, enjoy the music.