Monday, January 31, 2011

Janurary, it came and it went so fast!

We started out our new year with a day of sledding. The boys could do this all day long.
N and T heading down at the hill.
Abram piggy back on Clint

Mr. T's laugh is the funnest laugh I have ever ever heard. He is so giggly and when he laughs everyone around him laughs too. His laugh is contagious.

Making a train.

I can not believe the day that Abram was baptised has come and gone. This little man makes me so proud. He is such a great brother and a good example. The whole day was so good. We had lots of family come and he had so much support from all of them. I am so proud of the choice he made. He is such a happy kid and a good friend to everyone he meets. Good job Abram, keep it up!!
Nolan and Tate are such good buddies and play all day. This is one of their creations they made one day after school.
Turning 8 comes with a lot of big steps.
Abram on his first day of scouts. He looks so official in his little uniform.
One of our very favorite past times. We love the snowshoeing. This time we went with Grandpa Neil, Nate and his kids, Jesse and Finn. It was a beautiful day full of snowball fights and just playing in the snow.
You gotta eat the snow.
It's always nice to have a place to go on a cold day. On Martin Luther King Day the aquarium was the place for us.
Mr. T and the Toad
A and the Leopard Fish
The Sea turtle was so fun to watch. For sure my favorite part.
Abram, Nolan, and Tate loved the Sting Rays.
My boys have been making snowflakes all month. I find these all over the house.
Abrams pack meeting. He earned his first award and so he got to be in the big wheel race.
Everyday after I pick up Nolan and Tate from Kindergarten Nolan wants to help me make lunch and he always wants to eat mac and cheese. He puts on his apron and wants to do everything. He makes me a little nervous around the stove but he is so cute I can not resist his help. He is a sweet boy who always is wondering if he can help me with anything. From the laundry, to the dishes, vaccuming, really any thing I do around the house. He is my big helper. Thanks Noley!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Rest of Our Christmas

Earlier this year we happened to hit the ski swap at Snow Bird. They had some ice skates there for 5 bucks a pair. They had sizes that fit the whole family (except me). So this winter we took the boys ice skating for the first time. I thought it was going to be crazy and maybe we would last like 20 minutes if we were lucky. They did so good and picked it right up. They could have stayed and skated all day. We are planning on going a whole lot more. Here are a few pics.
Mr. T
The whole fam.

N and A taking a brake
N ripping it up.

The boys so wanted to make a gingerbread house this year. I am not a big fan. So, I got the put together one at Costco. They had so much fun!


My family Christmas party with Santa.

Christmas Eve is always a party at the Spencer house. We sing songs, do a nativity, open PJ'S, and just have a fun time. Thank you Grandma Becky!!
Uncle Jesse staring the conga line.
I love the nativity. So cute!!

A as a wise man

T as Joseph and N as a Shepard
Grandma got them all Santa Jammies this year.

Equipped with a trap doors. They were huge hit. Nolan still wants to wear his every night.

Grandpa Neil and Tate putting together his Lego's
Our tree the night before Christmas. Santa brought all kinds of stuff.

Nolan opening his stocking.
Tate with just what he ordered. A garbage truck named I STINK
Abram was very excited about the air hockey table.
My sister Jacki made these awesome aprons for the homemade gift that we do with my side of the family.
Tate and Abram taking it easy with a new game they got for Christmas.
Abram got a Knex Roller Coaster set. Clint and Abram had a good time putting it together.
Another wonderful Christmas!!