Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August rushing around.....

I love my lame titles to our blogs... At any rate we've had a great last few weeks. We can't believe how fast summer has blown by and we sat down a couple of weeks and made a list of things we want to do before A starts Kindergarten (Aug. 18th...holy crap!!). So here is what we've been up to....mostly.

A had swimming lessons for a couple weeks in July and loved going to the pool everyday. He loves putting his head under the water and learned a little about some different strokes. Teeny was a trooper taking N and T with her to watch, and most of the time they behaved really well. They are such good kids and have been a lot of fun lately. Most of the time at swimming lessons A would just spend goofing around in the water until it was his turn to learn what his teacher was teaching.

A is the one standing up goofing off.....

Finally, A's turn....

Here are just a few pics of the primary activity Teeny planned. Kids and water, always a hit.

A soaked his brothers, and everyone else...

N kickin' it in the pool.....

We hit the Goon again with Gma and Gpa Jensen. They are the best for taking the whole family (all 35 or so of us) there. The boys once again had a great time.


The train ride was a little more adventurous this time than others. As our train cars passed the tiger cage, he came lunging at us full roar and everything. Had it not been in a cage, we'd be tiger fodder right now.

We have a pic of A just like this one from the last time we went. Kid loves the whales.

Space cruisers.

A on the Music Express

Teeny and A started it off on the Dino Drop....

It's time.... We finally decided to take the bull by the horns and potty train N and T. So far, they have done pretty good. We knew that they were ready and we're excited to not buy diapers anymore!

Bare bums

Teeny, Lindy, Kris, and Becky got all dorked out for the new Twilight series book. They were going to go to the release party all dressed up in prom dresses, but luckily they couldn't find dresses, so Lindy spent her 'allowance' on these super T-shirts. I personally thought the vampire bites on their necks was the part that took it from normal to fanatic. Teeny has since finished the book and I now have my wife back. If I ever see Edward around, I'll punch him in the nose, I swear it.

The back of their shirts say 'Edward', but I think they should say, 'Dork'

Teeny and Lindy Coken' it.

Becky and Neil took the fam up to the Gateway to see a 3D movie about Sea Creatures. It was the first 3D movie I'd ever seen and it gave me a bit of a headache, but the kids loved it. N and T had a hard time with the glasses, but A loved it and would keep putting his hand out like he could touch the fish and such. Finn came with his parents too and we all had a headaching good time.

Speaking of dorks....

A got these figured out

So, this part goes out to my Grandpa Spencer. He's 94 and has been such a great grandpa. Growning up he would ALWAYS give us kids smarties when we'd go over to his house. He took us fishing all the time, and we'd go on boating trips with him and Grandma Mae a lot. Grandma passed away about 15 years ago and he took such great care of her in her last days. So he's been alone for a while now and we have been able to learn so much more from him. He's had health up and downs, but seems to be strong as ever now. At any rate he gave my parents some money (inheritance) and my parents were kind enough to buy all us kids tents. Not just any tent, these are Springbar like tents. They were going to get us all Springbars, but I've been looking for a Springbar all summer, and in my searching came across the Kodiak tent, which is the same thing as a Springbar with a few upgrades that is $200 buck cheaper and doesn't take all summer to get here. So we have a new huge tent for our family camping trips for the next 100 years. So, THANK YOU Grandpa Spencer, and mom and dad for getting this for us. We love it!!

I had to throw this one in. Our garden looks great, but as of yet has to produce much of anything. Love the sunflowers though, and the undies!!

We had all kinds of plans for a summer trip that centered around my dad doing a coast to coast bike ride. For those who don't know my dad he's been planning this trip for about a year now. But due to some complications with his riding companion, he's had to postpone. So we were able to go to the annual Bear Lake trip with my home ward. It was great. The weather was awesome (even the crazy rain storm the first night was great because it cleared things up so much). We spent the day at the beach and the kiddies played in the sand and swam. Very relaxing. We were able to try out the new tent too, and it was superb!

N at the beach...

I think T thought the water was too cold, but it was actually warmer than I remember it ever being!

These guys could've played all summer long here. You could go out 100 yards without the water coming up more than 2 feet!
Tough duty huh?

The dudes heading out....

The annual sand sculpture was back in full force. It took Nate and I about and hour and a half to create the 'Dino-Neil'.
The finished deal and the sculptors.
Our model.....
Jodi and the Fish...
Camp Spencer - Nice tents!!