Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feburary Happenings

Draper Temple
We were able to get tickets to the Draper Temple open house. We were so excited to take the boys and they were so excited to be able to see inside the temple. I can remember being really little and going to the Jordan River Temple open house. I hope that my boys can remember this day.

On the bus that takes you to the temple. They have never been on a bus before and they thought that was the greatest thing ever.

Temple open house.

Temples all over the World.

Children's Museum
My friend Lynette is the best!! She invited me and the boys to go with her and her little girl Madelyn to the Children's Museum. The museum is so fun and my boys have so much fun playing with Madelyn, we were there for like 3 hours and did not even realise it until we saw a clock. The kids all play so good together and Lynette and I could talk forever. It was a great day!! Thanks Lynette!!

A and M playing.

T having fun with the wind tunnel..

N and T doing a little grocery shopping.
A flying the heli.
T could have played here all day.
It was one of those days that make you feel like it could almost be spring time. So, off to the parkway we went with the boys and their scooters. I love warm days and I can not wait for spring!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Winter Weekend Getaway

Rachel and Doug had their baby Maela blessed a couple of weekends ago, Clint had that Friday off so.... we decided to make a weekend of it at our old stomping grounds in Logan. Our kids have always loved trains and have been asking us to take them to the train museum that they keep seeing on TV when they watch Curious George. So we stopped at Union Station Museum in Ogden on our way to Logan. They had a blast! We then went to Logan and got to show the boys all the beauties. I love that town. We showed them our old alma mater USU ( go aggies), the temple, our old diggs, and Hardware Ranch. We also took them to our favorite Logan eatery The Blue Bird. They think it is the best thing in the world to be at a hotel with a swimming pool. It was exactly what we needed. Fun Times!!!!!

A,N, and T (the ants) with antlers.
Clint in his road kill hat. T was not sure if an elk was sitting on dads head or if it was a hair issue.

A on the sled.
N's wing spanT at the train museum
Monkeys on the train
The biggest wheels I have ever seen.
Kids in the kaboose
A using his muscles

Friday, February 06, 2009

N and T's Room
I finally after 2 years in our house got around to painting N and T's room. It takes me forever to decide how I want to do somthing, and when I am done I always second guess meself. I think it turned out okay!!