Saturday, July 30, 2011

Life at the "Hostible"

So, it has been three weeks since I have been in the hospital. The Dr. has decided to deliver me at 34 weeks due to the fact that my water level are "dangerously low". The baby is doing really well on his stress tests and all seems to be well with him. The hostible (as my kids call it) is starting to really take its tole on me and I can not wait to go home!! I tell Clint this just about everyday. My amazing friend Lynette took my kids to Thanksgiving Point the other day. She told me that they were making throwing coins in the fountains and making wishes. Tate wished that his house was a hospital so that his mom could come home. Absolutely broke my heart. Life at the hospital is a roller coaster ride and my emotions are everywhere. I love to see my kids and I am so excited when they come. I have to make myself not cry every time they leave. Once they are gone I usually loose it. It is so hard not to be with my family. The unknown of what is next also just about makes me crazy. With all of this Clint has been my rock and when I am loosing it he makes me feel better. He is the best dad and husband ever and I am forever grateful that I have him!

My kids and Clint made this shirt and one for the baby while they were at Fish Lake.

My first wheelchair ride. I only get one a day. I love getting out of my bed and my room. We usually just let the kids play have dinner outside and just talk. It does good for my head and my soul.
Nolan playing outside at the hospital.

Tate at home talking to me on the phone. We do a whole lot of this.

Abram at home with the goggles my mom got Nolan while watching them during the day. My friends and family have helped so much and I can not thank them enough!! It makes me feel so much better to know that they are being well taken care of.

Nolan at home talking to me on the phone. These pics make me miss my house.

We did get to have a couple of sleep overs on the weekend. The boys had so much fun. They thought it was great sleeping at the hospital. We watched movies and had popcorn and I loved watching them sleep. It made me so happy just to have them here with me.

Watching a movie.

After our sleep over Clint took the boys swimming all day Saturday and then came back for a wheelchair ride and dinner. Clint is the best!

My boys at the pool. Our all time favorite thing to do in the summer.

Reading Harry Potter with my boys.

Watching another movie with my boys.

Some of my visitors. Ashlyn and Jake came to visit. Lindy came for the whole day and then stayed to watch our favorite show the Bachelorette with me. I know it's terrible....but it like a train wreck and I can not look away! Thanks everyone who has come to visit. It makes the time go by sooooo much faster!!!!

Clint taking care of business.

Grandma Becky brought lunch. My favorite thing here are the picnics outside. I love not eating a meal in my bed.

Taking in easy with Mr. T in our PJ"S

Abram having some popcorn and getting ready for bed.

Abram giving his brothers wheel chair rides in our own private Hawaii

Only 4 more day and we will have another Spencer boy. Thanks again for all the help everyone has been so far. I hope and pray everyday that this guy is going to be so healthy and strong and we can take him home soon and get back to our normal life with out any hiccups.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Adventures so Far this Month

Life started out with a bang this month with so much fun stuff to do. I have learned that in a moment everything can change right before your eyes. Clint has been working tirelessly on finishing our basement before the baby gets here , and it has come a long way . We decided to hire out the sheet rock which gave us a couple of weeks off from working in the basement and more time to enjoy our kids and I am ever so glad that we have had that time!!

We started out at Thanksgiving point at the children's water gardens. Abram and Clint are making a tunnle in the sand I remember doing this as a kid and being so excited that you could touch hands under your sand pile.

The boys racing boats down the river.

We found this little nest of birds in the bear cave . Baby birds so cute!!

My cute boys in the bear cave.

Playing in the fountains.

Our 4th of July was a blast! We had our annual party at Neil and Becky's which was so fun. This is Mr. Abram at the fire work show in front of Grandma and Grandpas house.

Maggie and Fisher with Nolan and Tate watching the show. Neil did an excellent job buying fireworks this year. We had quite the show!

Nolan and Tate with their sparklers.

During the day we went to the new splash park by our house with the Boles.

Abram relaxing at the water park.

All the kids playing.

More splash park. We love hanging out with the Boles family.

Our kids really wanted to do fireworks in front of our house. They had so much fun helping Clint light them and then they would run as fast as they can back to the side walk. They make me laugh, and make me so happy!!

The weekend before the 4th we spent in Gunnison with my Sister Jodi and her family. They have a great celebration. My kids had a blast at the carnival, where they had the classic games that I remember doing at carnivals when I was a kid. You can spend like 10 bucks on tickets for all three of my kids, and they last all day.

Abram playing basketball.

Tate at the Fishing Booth.

Nolan digging for gold.

Abram and his prize.

Nolan and Tate waiting their turn to golf.

My boys with Mater.

Tate with his hat that he got at the parade.

The whole crew.

watching the fire works.
Jodi had an awesome set up in the back yard and we sang karaoke all night. We all rocked it hard core. So much fun!! Thanks for the party Jodi!!

while the boys golf the girls lay in the sun at the lake and let the kids swim. This is one of my favorite things in the world and I look forward to it all year long. My boys love this lake and have so much fun!!

One of our favorite past time is just playing in the back yard in the blow up pool. oh how I love summer time.

Bam just like that life changes one day I am watching my boys ride bikes in the front yard. The next I am in the hospital . I am 31 weeks pregnant and my water brakes. This is very hard to wrap my head around. Right now I am just trying to not go into labor until this baby is bigger. I am here for a while. 3 to 5 weeks. I am able to get of of bed to shower and use the bathroom, other then that I am in a bed all day and all night. I miss my family more then you could ever know. I am so sad to miss out on the rest of their summer. I hope and pray that this baby is healthy and will be able to come home fast and life can get back to normal soon.

We had planned on going to Fish Lake with Clints family. I made Clint still go and take the boys. it was so hard to be away from them for so long. But, it made me happy to know that my boys were with their dad having a amazing time and not having to worry about their mom in the hospital. Clint is the best dad in the world and I have the best kids ever. I am so grateful for my family.

My Abram and A giant mushroom they found hiking.

Hiking on the trail.

Arts and crafts at the cabin.

My sweet brothers and the cute shirt they made for their new little brother.

What is he doing??

And what is he doing??

Trying to make the kids smile for a pic!! I love it!

Everyone in front of the cabin.

Clint with all of his siblings. Who has the best nose??

Clint with cute little Larky.

Mae and Lark...cutest little girls in the world!!

Doug and Abe in front of the cabin. Doug was Abrams hero this trip, he gave Abram a pocket Knife. He has been wanting one so bad.

Playing by the river behind the cabin.

Nolan and Tate hanging out in the hammok.

Playing a family all time favorite game. Water in the Face.

Abram fishing on the party boat.

Nolan and Tate on the party boat, doing some fishing.

Tate looks so happy in this picture. It makes me laugh everytime I look at it.

Taking turns driving the boat.

All the boys on the boat.

Cole, Abram, Nolan, and Tate doing their star wars show.

Abram and his mellow mess.

Roasting the mellows.

Out for a family hike.

Fisher, Nolan , and Tate with the mushroom tree.

More hiking.

Who is that hot guy?? Thats right ladies my husband!!

More fishing.

Cole and Abram widdeling wood with their pocket knives.

Abram caught not just his first fish, but his first two fish!!

Nolan caught his fisrt fish and apparently it was very very tasty!!

Nolan bringing his fish in.

You cant really see but Abram is bringing in his first fish.

Nolan, Maggie, and Tate. So cute. I love those hats. They had a great time fishing and had tons of stories to tell me.

Lark really took to Abram on this trip and wanted to be with him all the time. Lindy told me she even started calling him buabua. He is going to be such a great big brother. I am excited to see my boys with our new little guy.

Abram with Ashlyn. My boys stayed with my sister Jodi for the first few days while I have been in the hospital. Clint picked them up on the way to Fish Lake.

I am so greatful for her and her family for helping those first few days. It was so great to know they are in good care when they cant be with me.

Me.... this is what I looked like when they left. This is what I looked like when they got back. This is what I will look like for a while. I hope and pray that this baby comes healthy and strong so I can get back to making more memories with my family.