Friday, January 06, 2012


This is going to be a lot of pics. Happy b-day Abram, Merry Christmas and Happy 2012!!

We've been going to the festival of trees for the last few years. This year we got to got with our neighbors, the Walkers. It was wild and crazy packed, but we always looking at the trees and seeing what people come up with. When I'm rich, maybe I'll buy one.

Nolans Fav...

Da Fellas

Every year Santa comes around Eagle Mountain on a firetruck throwing candy from the top of it. Most of the time he hits all the streets, but not always, so we have to do a little chasing to catch up to that fat man. This year we chased him all over the Raches before finding out he came right in front of our house.

Ho, ho, ho....

The boys and Teeny gingerbread housing.

All the boys - Nash is officially chubby!

So, last year for Abrams b-day we went down to SLC and stayed in a hotel and saw the lights, went to dinner, and then saw the Utah Symphony. This year A wanted to do the same thing, so did we. We booked the same hotel and headed to the city.

Our first stop was the Spaghetti Factory. Nash and the boys got to see Santa while we were waiting.

Waiting for the food. It was certainly worth it.

After that we headed up to see the lights. We walked from our hotel to the TRAX station. We were in the free zone so it was nice not to have to pay.
N and T waiting.....

Rollin' to Temple Square.

Abrams nostrils and some might fine red lights. It was a perfect night.

The whole clan.

After the lights the boys were ready for a little swimming. I'm not sure what they are plotting here, but as long as they do it together, we're okay with it.

The next day we went to see 'The Muppets' movie. It was pretty good. Teeny and I laughed at all the dumb humor in it.

Abram wanted to have a LEGO birthday party this year, and that it just what he got. It was wild and crazy. Our family has definitely come to love LEGOs this year.

The creations

LEGO heads...

This kid looks way to grown up. We wish he would stop.

Abram and the goods. He got a pretty sweet birthday, and rightfully so. He is just a great unique kid and we're so lucky he's ours!!

Before the unwrapping...

Testing out the machine..he had to have gears.

Abram with Rock Em' Sock Em'! The party went on at Granny's

Cole and Abram with their candles.

Nash with Granny Angus. She was fun with the little guy.

Nolan pleading his case for toys..

Abram must have felt pretty confident...

Nolan's funny to not get a pic of!

Teeny tried to figure out exactly what Santa had in mind for a pic with Nash. This was probably the best. Nash wasn't to keen on it though.

Tate asked for the Death Star Lego set.

Granny and Santa.

Can't tell these ladies are all related right?

Nolan, Abram and Tate at the Miller Family Sing a Long in SLC. Free tickets!!

My little sis, Rachy, was in town for the festivities this year and she makes things so fun. It's always a party. The kids went over to Granny Becky's and made cookies with their cousins. It was tasty and fun.

Noly decorating away....

This is what Nash did most of the time.

Mr. A had some pretty sweet cookies.

Tate getting his frosting on.

After the kiddos got sick of decorating the adults moved in for the real deal.

Part of the festivities at the Spencer house, the manger scene. This year we had an actual baby for the Baby Jesus.


Neil and Nash.

Christmas Eve before the kids headed off to bed.

Kjerstine and I made this table for the kids. It was pretty simple and super fun for the kids.

Hung with care. Nash's is the star on the end.

Before the madness ensued.

During the madness.

Post madness, playing with their stuff.

They all got what they wanted at Grandma Jensen's. Light up light sabers, with sounds.

Drew has amazing taste in pj's and hats.

This is a picture of the house that Shirley grew up in with her sisters Nedra and Ruth.

Doug and Maela on the River walk.

The clan on the parkway.

Nolan got this race track from Santa. It was pretty sweet.

We got to go iceskating too over the break. The kids love it. Tate had a hard time until he decided it was fun.

Skatin' around.

This is proof Nash was there. It was kind of fun pushing his stroller on the ice.

Lucky dad.

We went to see the lights with Rachy and her girls the night they left for home. It was soo good seeing her and Doug and the girls. We're stoked for the upcoming addition too!!

Nash in his monkey hat.

Rachy and Mae.

Tate and Teeny in her coat I got her for Christmas.

I'd promised Abram at the beginning of the break that I'd take him shooting, so on the very last day, I did. It was a redneck extraveganza!! It turned out to be the whole fam shooting outing. We had a great time taking out targets and the Trix bunny.

Annie stinking Oakley

"I think i seen a possum!"

Bearing down on the targets....

Tate's always first to get a messy face.

We also purchased the 'Pass of all Passes' along with the rest of Utah County. We cached them in at Trafalga and it was packed so we headed outside and played a little mini golf. It's great fun.

The smackers.....

All in all we had a great break. I was able to take off most of the end of the year and spending time with the fam is just about the best thing I could ever imagine doing. Here's to family.