Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Done with winter???

Let it shine! We're loving the warming of the tundra and we're stoked up and ready to hit spring like a car hitting a watermelon! Anyway, February was pretty mild for us. Teeny got to go on a girls weekend while I spent some serious man time with the boys. We did manly things and bonded, in a man-way. March has been a little more eventful and did I mention we want warm weather like a tree wants water. So, here are the pics.....

A has lost two teeth in two days. This is the first of the two. It's sad because they are the two first baby teeth he gets and now, they're gone. That kid eats like a horse and grows like a weed! He had some nice visits from the tooth fairy, very generous I might add.
Either that is one large poochy (not), or them's cougar tracks! I don't like cougars in any of the three varieties, especially the kind that latch on to your neck and puncture your jugular. These were in our front yard and we immediately bought pepper spray. So far no sightings.

We took the fam to Temple Square one Saturday hoping to get on top of the Church Office Building, but they were closed on Saturday. We still hit the Conference Center, which the kids loved, and got to go up on top to the gardens. We'd never been there so it was a neat experience.

The fellas and the Christus

No, they're not ballerina's, they're STEEPLES!

Brotherly hug. Every now and then it really comes through.

The flowers were already in bloom downtown.

This photo makes me want to give them each a little 'push'. The magical powers of water always draw them in.

Teeny and N on the Conference Center. The weather was as awesome as the view, minus the cranes.

These two are posers in every photo.
N looking SW in the Salt Lake Valley.

A looking east towards the Great Salt Lake.....we need to hit the sailing soon too!

How I ended up with her and those kids, I'll never know, but always remember how lucky I am!

Alright, so this was the day before that beautiful day....snowy. What the what? Waking up to snow truly bites. We made the most of it though. Here they are hitting the jumps.

T flying of his jump. They all had a great time. It was pretty warm and we were pretty much the only ones out there.

N and T were serious about sledding while A did the snowboard thing.

The next flying tomato.

One good thing about the snow is that it was perfect for a snowman, and I had the day off! We finally got to make our snowman this year. He lasted a whole day and a half.

Whilest out with the ladies, Teeny picked up these shirts for N and T. They love them and are so funny in them.

The ladies during the escape. Us men are under a "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy with them.

Our monthly visit to the Dino museum. They, or we, never get tired of it. We try and learn something new every visit. Still, I'm not too smart.