Friday, January 08, 2010

Blog....BIG blog.....

Since the last time we posted we've taken tons of pics. Here's the 50 we narrowed it down to. We had a great Holiday Season with Thanksgiving, birthdays, and Christmas. It was great being around friends and family. Thanks to all of you who added to our joyfulness this season. We'll let the pics do the talking from here....

Fishing at Strawberry with the kiddies....we got skunked
The kiddies at Strawberry
Our Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. 5 miles and A did them all!
Chugging along the pathway.
More chugging.
N mistaking Cling for a camel.
Finishing up!
Cutting down Christmas trees with Neil, Becky and the Jensens.
Family pic in the snow.
Neil and Becky and the trees.
In the forest.....
In our front room....
A's 7th b-day....holy cow!
A good sign we're raising him right!
Bakugans...lot of them
Blowing out the candles on the panCAKE.
The fam with the birthday boy.
The partay we threw for him....pirates
Handing out the goods
Spinning him round and round
With a bump on the head!
Blowing out candles with Coley
The lights with Jess, Lindy, Findy and Lark
Family photo-op
Where the kids end up at least once per outing..
T sliding in the snow
Mr. Story reader, LOVE IT!
A and Santaman
Santa and T
With tears!
A cruising on the sled
Cookies for Santa
The boys creations...
O, Holy Night
Pajamas are awesome!
Christmas, magical, morning...
Dino-robot, just like he asked!
Unwrapped goods....lots of them
N's happy face
Lucky boys!
N and his camera
Just what T ordered!
A little face time with the snow
A's fortress
Shoein' in the snow
Sunny, but cold
Heading back down...
A kicking it up
Asteroids on New Years eve....they thought it was the greatest!