Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Teeny's Thirteener.....

So, it's time again when running is in the air for Teeny. She once again rocked the Salt Lake Half Marathon. This is the third time she's ran it and the weather always seems to hand out a perfect morning for running. I took the boys up and hit our normal spots to watch her. They were a little hesitant at first because of how many people there were. A kept asking if this was the right race. They warmed up though and had a good time looking for mom. Best thing about it is that when Teeny brought back her medal (which every finisher gets) our boys were all certain she won the race, and we'll let them keep thinking that. She is amazing how she pulls this off every year. It's not the easiest to train when you have three kiddies to take care of, four if you count me. Way to go babe!

Given' 5's at the first stop

A ringin' her in at the finish

She made this look all too easy

The boys and the winner

Me, the lucky SOB

Teeny and Stef. Way to go red, we knew you could do it!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hanging out at the house.
There is nothing more relaxing then reading a book with my boys. I will be sad when they are too big to sit on my lap while we read a book together.
T playing cowboy
A Happy Birthday it was.
I woke up and Clint had decorated the house for my birthday before he had left for work. What a cute thoughtful man!
Clint here: Teeny is an amazing person. I don't know she does all she does. When I think about who I married, I feel like the smartest guy on earth. And I am. Nothing in my life would be better without her and our boys are SO very blessed to have her. I love to watch her read to them. She loves it and they are absolutely in love with their mom. Happy 23rd!!

He even made sure the boys were ready with a gift.

He took a half day off of work and was home for lunch. We went to Liberty Park and had a
picnic with the boys.Then to check out the birds.
A, N, and T
They liked the Pelicans the most.
When you are as old as I am you get to be as big as an Ostrich. Yipee!!
T loves peacocks.

We signed A up for baseball. This is the first organized sport that he has played. He has been so excited and he had his first practice and did so awesome. He is such a fun kid!!

Easter Weekend
Me and my boys at the city Easter egg hunt. Always an adventure when we go. Usually someone ends up in tears, this year it was both N and T. They get so scared when the fire truck sounds the horn and all the kids start running. It sends them in panic mode and they don't know what to do, so then they just have a good cry. Thanks Morgan for sharing your eggs!!

A made it back with a bucket full of eggs.

All those bright eggs.

Easter Saturday and Grandma Beckys.
We colored lots of eggs!!

I don't think N and T remembered coloring eggs last year. They thought it was the greatest thing in the world.

N and his blue egg. I think half of his eggs were blue.

All the cousins after the big egg hunt.
Easter in our back yard.
It's always a party and G'ma and G'pa Jensens house on Easter, and there is always the annual Easter pinata, and Easter egg hunt. Don't ask me where the pinata tradition came from.

Carson and A checking out their loot.

T and his eggs.

N and his eggs.