Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This blog is twice as long as it should be, hence the title. After getting Nash home we stuck the old blog on the 'when we get to it' list. Well, here it is almost two months later. Here's the pics:

The boys first day of school. They are always pumped to get there in their new duds. A is in 3rd and N and T are in 1st. It's just not right.
Standing in line before the bell.
Mr. A. What a guy. He's done so great in school and we're so proud of the guy.
Nash came with us. We can wait before it's his first day.
He was still on oxygen and it was always funny taking him places and getting the 'You're taking your baby, who is on oxygen, out in public?!!' judgemental looks. He was only on a ridiculous trace. It was always a chore getting all his stuff together though.
Nash in his cradle. He's all hooked up and snoozing away.
This is the equipment we were sent for our little Nash. There was enough oxygen in that tank to last him about six months. A couple of times Clint tried to get an oxygen high, but it didn't work. Gladly that only lasted a couple weeks and then it was all gone. Dragging the little guy around the house with all the tubes got really old.
Here are they guys being guys. This was our Armenian cucumber from the garden they are posing with. You can also see our tomatoes.
Clint's guilty pleasure.
Sweetest little monkey.
One of his first baths. The nurses at the hospital showed us this trick with the blanket. We wrap him in that and stick him in the tub with it and keeps him so much warmer and secure. He loves his baths. He'll scream for just a second before the water temp hits him and then he'll usually fall asleep.
We went dove hunting with Nate and Co. It was a blast. We shot about 45 times and only got three doves. Awesome shots we are. Those doves were plenty safe flying around out there.
Granny and the guy. We were lucky enough to make it down to one afternoon of Labor Day thanks to Neil and Becky loaning us their car. Our monkey wagon broke down just days after we got Nash home from the hospital and took us a month to get it back. We had cabin fever mania.
Nash post tubes and stuff. He/we loved it!
The Beck and the boy.
Here is where he usually falls asleep during the day. It's funny he can just slip into slumber all by himself during the day without being wrapped up, but then at night, totally different story. We swear he knows whats up.
An outing with the boys. This was long in the works after we got the monkey wagon back. Teeny is always embarassed when the boys gear up in their Ute stuff. We look like such a fan family!
Here are the Ute fans in the flesh. This was the blessed day of the BYU game.
Boys and rocks. Meant to be.
Abram still reads to his brothers and we can never get enough of it. They all have a good chuckle together.
Our day at the zoo. We finally got out and made it! It was a perfect day, it was the zoo how couldn't it be?
Proof Nash was with us.
My favorite of the day, the Rhino.
The tigers were super close too. Huge and hungry.
Turtle boys.
Our favorite part - the bird show. It's the same every time, but the boys and us love it all the same.
The giraffe was licking the top of that post like crazy.
Measuring up.
The train ride.
N and T.
We had a late evening at the gardens one night. We hadn't been in a while with our crazy summer and we just had to go for even a half hour.
We've been telling A that we'd take him to Confererence after he was baptized. We finally got some tickets from Jacki and fam (thanks!) and took Nate and Co. with us. We got there super early (8:30am) and got perfect seats and a great parking spot. I was proud to be there with Abram.
We got seats on the very front row of the first tier right in the middle.
Abe and I.
Abram and Cole. What great guys!
Up the canyon at Cascade Springs for the leaves. The next week it snowed there. Glad we went when we did.
So, we're driving up the road and A asks,"Hey, are there wild horses up here?" Moose! I owe him a smoothie.
Tigers hiding.
The pools and the boys.
Nolan hanging out looking for fish.
Again, proof that Nash was with us. Soo glad he's here.
The dudes pulling some faces.
Collecting leaves.
Mr. A in front of the main spring.
This use to be a lot better spider tree.
On the way back we saw this. Man, how often do you see three Moose in the same day? And one of each kind at that?
This is our pumpkin we grew. It was a Martha Stewart seed mix and it got huge. It probably weighs close to fiddy pounds.
Our awesome amazing friend, Lynette (aka Larry), came and took these pics of Nash. She is the best and so talented. Thank you for all the time you take for us!! Enjoy them.