Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Diseyland and St. George...and 75 degrees!

St. George

Clint had a planning conference in St. George for work, so we all tagged along and had a wonderful time! It was so warm and so beautiful. Spring had sprung in St. George. All the tress had blossoms and everything was green. It's a great time of year to be down south. We got to take to boys on a couple of hikes and to a couple of parks. We had a blast!!

My hot husband with the boys over looking St. George. I love St. Georges bright white temple in the the middle of all those red rocks. Gorgeous!!!

N found a little cave of trees.

N,T, and A working there way up the mountain.

St. George has some pretty amazing parks, this is just one that we went to. The kids played until dark, they could had played for ever!!

A on the slide.

N's turn

A on top of a rock

T... what a cutie!!

Sleepy boys after a long day of play.

The Happiest Place on Earth!!

After two days in St George for Clint's conference, we were off to DISNEYLAND! It was what we had been planning for a good couple of months, and we still could not believe how soon it crept up on us! We had a blast, and here are the pics to prove it:

A and T at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney the first night we got there. It was a good prep for getting the boys into 'Disney-mode'

We'd planned on going to the Rain Forest Cafe, but there was no way we were going to wait the two hours to do so. Tortilla Joes was 30 minutes and super tasty.

Our first Disney day. We were all amped up to hit the rides. This is the entrance with the mappers planning the next move.

First things first....Let there be NEMO! None of us had ever been on it, but it turned out to be really cool. The kids loved it.

We may have started things off to fast and furious for the boys. We hit the Matterhorn and Pirates shortly after and this was N's response to that little adventure....
Even though we never got in line to see Mickey and Co. we still bumped into them quite a bit.

They did enjoy the Jungle Boat and the hundred lame jokes the driver told on the way.

Whilest N, T and Clint were waiting for A and Teeny to go on Thunder Mountain, they hit the pirate boat ride, super fun.
Monkeys in a tree, say no more.
They all just had to try, you never know...

Toads the their wild ride....I think T was just waking up for this pic.

Hitting the Merry Go Round - late night style.

Teeny had to take them on Small World, and they loved it. I just hope they're not scarred.
T lovin every singing moment...
Tea cups were another favorite. Spin, spin, spin.
What did 3 year olds look like at the end of the day??

The next morning we busted in a little early and hit Peter Pan. It was one of the longest waits in the whole park. Classic though.

Dumbo. Our kids haven't seen the show, but he's an elephant that flies. What's not to love?
A figuring out how to fly us out of the park.
Another bump with Pluto.

After a day and a half at Disney, we headed on over to Cali Adventures to check that out. Here are the kids and Teeny waiting for rides to open.

One of the rides was the Toy Story 3D shooting gallery. It was pretty fun.
Here's N in 3D.
Then there was the caterpillar ride that A mysteriously loved.
Talk about bug eyes.

We bumped into Mater and Lightning McQueen. Check out A's stance. Finally all that GQ training paid off.
Could he look any more manly?

After hitting a few more rides, including Soaring Over Cali, we headed back over to Disneyland. What is a vacation without a train ride?

Mickey's house is always busy, and fairly over-rated.

The dudes had a good time lounging on Mickeys stuff though.

A checking out Mickey's goods.

Okay, long story short time.... The first day we couldn't get N on a few of the big rides because he had to be 40 inches tall and he was only 39.95 inches tall. So, Teeny being the awesome mom she is decided to fold up the maps we got and stuff them in the bottom of N's shoes. Genious, and talk about a growth spurt. Here we are waiting in line for Thunder Mountain, which they loved.

A ran into the Brair Bear while waiting for Splash Mountain. Another favorite. Zippidee-Doo-Da, Zippedy-Ay!!
Day three at Disneyland was exactly what we had envisioned weather wise. We woke to sunny California skies and had another whole day to knock out whatever we hadn't and hit everything we wanted to do at least one more time. Here is N destroying Zurg on Buzz Lightyear.
Clint and A kicking Zurgs patootey as well.

Bigger than life Buzz.

Sun, sun, sun. The Materhorn and some pesky family picture looker-oners.

We had to hit Auto-pia too.

Then off to the Monorail to lunch and more Cali Adventures! A loves trains and the Monorail was no different. He had to get a souvenir of the Monorail.

N is for...

After we headed back to Disneyland, we hit some more classics, and ended up on the Tea Cups for a final spin.

Disneyland is a magical place and we will never forget our trip there with our kids. We had a great time and no one got lost! They were so fun to watch and be with and we feel so lucky they are part of our family. We did so much more than we have here like Fantasmic, which N hated and T slept through, and fireworks, not to mention bumping into Gma and Gpa Jensen who had just come back from a cruise and spent a couple days in Disneyland too. Super fun. SUPER FUN!