Wednesday, July 07, 2010

June - in short.....

So, the month of June has come and gone......what the what?! The biggest, and most important event this past month was that N and T turned 5! These guys are still are little guys and we can't believe they are actually 5. They have been so fun to watch grow though. They are getting their reading down so good thanks to Teeny. She has been so great at helping A too with his reading. They are such good buddies and are so concerned about what the other is doing. They both are great friends with A too. We hope it always stays that way. Such funny kids.

A wanted to get them Wall-E for the big day. They love it, and laugh at it all the time. T's chuckle is uncontrollable sometimes.
They had a party with all their buddies. We asked them if they wanted any girls there, but they just wanted a boy party.
Against our better judgement, we got a pinata for them to bust open. It went well though and no kids heads were busted open, just the dino.
N taking his swing.
T's taking it out on the T-rex.
Teeny made these great dino cakes. They love them and all requested body parts to eat after the candles.
So, one of our summer to do's was to go to Antelope Island and take the boys to see the buffalo. What a great idea. We packed up the monkey wagon and made the hour plus trip up to Antelope Island only to see a sign that read, "Biting bugs are bad today". When we asked about it the bugs were everywhere we wanted to be and they apparently were nasty biters and not even bug spray would keep them away. So, both of us ticked, we headed home.....almost. We took a little different route getting back home and came across the Jensen Nature Park in Syracuse. Not wanting to have driven all that way for nothing we pulled in and had a great time at the park doing just exactly what we would have done at Antelope Island, minus the tatanka. It turned out to be a great outing and we'll go back there sometime.

The kids chucking rocks into the pond there.
Riding the nature trail with the kiddos.
N and T have it good in the trailer.
We came across this great little wagon the monkeys could pose on. Little posers anyways.

Every year we miss the Eagle Mountain town days celebration, or so it seems. This year, we were actually around and got to do a lot of stuff down at the park close to our house. They had a parade, rides, and lots of other things that the boys loved.

A saw the lady Owl in the parade and got a picture and a sweet water bottle.
Giddy the flip up! A with his parade garb.
After the face painting. I love that A wanted an Aggie 'A'!
Celebrating Jodi, N, and T's birthdays at Neil and Becks.
So, working for the city has its raises mind you, but some perks. Instead of raises the last couple years they have given the employees free passes to the pool. We'd still love a raise.......someday.