Thursday, July 21, 2005

Start of something new...

So we'll see how long I actually keep this up. I thought it kind of looked fun, and it should give me something to do when I get bored at lunch hour. If you're reading this, you should know who I am and our little, but growing, family.

Little N and T are seven weeks old and are doing splendid. They both started smiling just about a week ago and it just melts you to see it! We're still just amazed at how different they are from each other! They sleep about seven hours every other night, and eat plenty, not to mention the post eating bit....lots and lots of that.

A is turning into a real chatter. The other day he was saying that "Rach, Doug....Pocatello". Don't worry Lin, we got him saying "Jess, Linny.....Denver" too. I think his ultimate dream would be playing in the park with the sprinklers raging and a sucker in his yapper, or watching a little basketball with his dad and some popcorn. Tough call.

Both Teeny and I are out to loose some poundage, me a little more than Teeny cause I got a lot more to loose. We started June 24th, and after almost a month of dieting, biking 200 miles, and running about 25 miles I have lost a whole ten pounds. What happened to my metabolism?!! If I had done that a couple years ago, I'd look like Gumbi (remember the little green flexy guy?). So, I've slowed way down. Teeny looks great and has probably lost three or four pounds herself. We're moving into the cell phone era too. Just have to make some last decisions. That's all I really feel like writing for now. Maybe more later.


DOUG & RACH said...

I think that this is fun fun fun. DO I need to make an account here???? I tried and it rejected like 15 of my user names that I came up with... .so I gave up
Anyways....this is fun

Melissa Swenson said...

you guys are awesome!!! I can't wait to see the babies on Saturday.... all of them. I love seeing the picutres. Keep them coming...

Auntie Melissa

metromut said...

Out of the stoneage-- blogsites, cell phones...what's next? This is fun. Your kids are all very handsome. We got your birth announcement yesterday and that picture is great.

The CavePeople- Lindy and Jesse

nettifer said...

love it and so dang cute. I love your babies! I can't believe how big your little ones are getting. Is Nolan getting red hair? We need to plan our movie night! Welcome to the blog world!!!!

nettifer said...

This is from Jeff Turk- Kjerstine will know who this is
What is with Abrams finger? Do something before he ends up like me!

DougNRach said...

Our response is found here:

(it was too long and we wanted to include pictures.