Monday, August 01, 2005


I should probably clarify first that A learned how to push his pedals, not actually ride a bike...yet. You think people would be calling to put the kid on Letterman if he actually could ride a bike. I don't think I learned until I was four or so. Maybe my brother in law D was riding around two years old though, crud he was walking out of the womb!

Well, if you ever need to see a man about a TV I know just the man. Friday we got together at J and Larry's and watched 'Revenge of the Sith' on the big screen. I didn't feel like I could sit far enough away. It's like being on the front row at a movie. It's great getting together with friends though. A had a great time with the kids there, especially Chase, his couch jumping buddy of the evening. Poor kid doesn't have much leg strength. He'd launch off the couch and barely have enough to keep his face off the floor. He takes after his mom's leg strength, except for the kick in the pants I'll get when she reads this.

This weekend we visited the County Fair. A was all about seeing the "aminals". It wasn't as scorching hot as it had been either, which was nice. We asked A if he wanted to go on a ride, and he'd just shake his head 'no' and move on to the next observation. He is quite the observer, and he's got a great memory too. As soon as we got over to the animals, he got out of his stroller and just started jumping around like it was the best thing he'd ever done. Makes you feel like you're actually an OK parent.... He loves to look, but has a hard time touching animals, except for Rocky our turtle whom he can't keep his hands off. We got him to touch the baby cow and he fed the horses corn. There was a train display that he could have spent all day looking at too.

It was amazing the detail someone had put into it. There was also a show that kids on bikes would "jump into sky Dada..." He's such a great kid and so funny lately. We have been so lucky with him and he's been SO great for us. He's the best to his new brothers and just wants to be happy all the time. He's still two and does crazy things, like jump off the couch and land on his head, but he's a sweet stinkin' kid.

N and T are growing like crazy too. We put them in levi's for the first time (thanks L and J) and they were pretty stinking cute. They are all belly these days. They're two months now!! I know, ALREADY?! Insane. They were stroller dwellers this weekend....again. N is close to all out laughter, and T just keeps eating.

Good enough....take care.


DOUG & RACH said...

Your boys smilng are the cutest. Ava has started to smile, but every time I take out the camera.....she starts to cry and fuss!!! She is holding out for something better I guess~It is amazing how time flies by and how things chnge huh?! You guys are the best...LOVES

nettifer said...

It was so fun hanging out with you guys on Friday, Thanks for coming over and playing! I really enjoy your family! Can't wait to hang out again, Next time you name the place and time! Your Boys are adorable!!!!