Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We (and THEY) Did It!!

We got the courage and enegy to take N and T to their first movie! They did great! We'd been wanting to take A to Ratatouille for a while and figured we just as well take the whole fam-damily! We went to the matinee and were feeling pretty good about the boys being good for the movie and low and behold they were. T needed to get up once because he bonked his head on the floor trying to get some candy. It reminds us that we have great kids. We love em all!


nettifer said...

We loved that movie. I just barely got over that fear of taking M to a movie- they always can surprise you of how good they are!

zippa said...

You guys are brave. I am so glad they were good for you. I think we need to take our kids to see that, minus the little one he is a little too busy these days:)when are we hanging out?????