Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Utah Diggity-Gone County Fair!!

So, this was a while ago too, but it takes us longer to post things lately. We took the three monkeys to the fair. It was super nice because it was free that day and we like free. It was also not very busy because it was the first night. A loved it, so did N and T. A's favorite thing was seeing the peacocks and their huge feathers. He also loved the tractors and took a ride on a pony! Yee-Haw! He actually yee-hawed a couple of times while he was riding the pony. It was really funny. N and T liked the tractors and getting inside the fire engine and seeing all the animals. N was a little scared by the huge horses that were there. It was a perfect night for that too. We're glad that we live in such a fun place!

NOTE: Kids are happier than they may appear....stinkers


A loved petting the animals too!

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