Friday, September 07, 2007

'Bout friggin' time!!

We've had a great time this last couple of months. N, T, and A have kept us busy and we love it. Here's a run-down list of what we've been up to:

July 24th:

We went up hiking by Brighton Ski resort with Jesse and Neil. Nate and Jodi were there too, but just at a different lake. A hiked the whole time by himself and did so good. N and T had fun too getting a lift by mom and dad. Lucky little buggers. One day they'll be hauling me around just to make things even. Even if I don't need a wheelchair (which I don't aim to ever need) I making those guys do a little make up work for all the times we hauled them around. It's only fair, right? Anyway, we had a great time and the weather couldn't have been nicer. We got out of the blistering heat for a day...nice.

July 26th:

Off to Lagoon!! Bob and Shirley took the family to again and we loved it. We still can't believe how fast that day went by! It was 5pm before we even thought about the time. We got to do a few 'big-kid' rides. Wicked really was awesome. Nothing like shooting straight up @ 40mph! Shooooot dang!! The kids loved it too. We got A to go on the Tidal Wave and he loved it. I was hoping to get him on some other rides, but he is still just a little to short. He kept telling us that he'll go on bigger rides, "when I'm five". Soon enough. Thanks Bob and Shirley!!


We finally got together with Kristy and Miles and their family!! We had a great time and love hanging out with them. Our kids all got along really well and we got to go see Ryan Shupe for free. What a great time!

We love going on walks. It's great to get out with the family, and usually the dog, and mozy along. It's great because it gives us time to talk and chat with everyone. We'll end up at the park usually too, and the kids love that. This is one of the walks we went on down by the Jordan River. It was a super nice evening. A kept pointing out all the sunflowers. We hurried back though as soon as we saw those pesky mosquitos.

The Jensen family also had the annual get together at the Chevron Pool. It was a lot nicer than last year when we got rained out. The kids love that pool. It was a great time. I still wasn't able to convince A to go down the slide by himself.....maybe when he's five.

The kids and I finally went sailing with Neil whilest the ladies went parade of homing. It was a nice sail, but the Tooele Twisters picked up and started throwing us around a little. We got out of there as soon as we noticed what was going on. The lake was pretty low too. Low enought that we hit bottom coming into the marina. Oops.

P-Town was a success!! Between the golf and all the meat Doug purchased it was really hard not to have a great time. It was so fun staying at their place and getting a better feel for Poky. We loved their house and are excited to see the after pics when they get the paint on it. Super nice! Thanks Rach and Doug (Ava too!!).

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nettifer said...

You guys had a wonderful summer and you did a lot too! Love it. Your family is so adorable and cute! I can't belive how fast they have grown up. Never made it to Lagoon. One thing we wish we would have done - darn it!