Friday, March 14, 2008

New Feature on the blog...

Hello all (I know that at least two or three people read this). Anyway, I've added some music clips to our blogsite now (keeping up with the Chambers). I hope you enjoy them, and if you don't I do. We have tons to update, but no time right now. For all that care, I did survive Moab this year and actually finished! More about that later. Until then, enjoy the music.


Chambers Family said...

I love the new pic at delicate arch! that is great. You guys watch the office right? remember the episode with the "closer to fine" song on it? K it is one of my favorites... "TUNA!"
glad you are up with the times... you guys look great~

nettifer said...

Love the new family pic! AdorABLE!
Glad you survived the moab marathon. you kick butt!