Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well, a big thanks to the Jensters for having us up at thier Timberlake cabin this weekend. We had a great time, minus the 'fiddy' pounds we gained eating a constant diet of doughnuts, trail mix, Doritos and sour cream, more doughnuts, butter burgers (mmmm....tasty), and beef jerky. Good thing I had my Coke Zero to wash it all down. That's what vacation is about though right? We headed up there late Thursday and basically put the kids to bed before breaking out the games. Teeny and I kept wondering why we were going to such cold temps, but it turned out to be pretty nice!
Not one of us could cram it all in....Teeny's try
T and his hot chocolate
We had so much fun on the four wheelers! Thanks to M for busting his butt getting them out and ready while the rest of us 'watched' him. Seriously. We finally got N on one too. For some reason he would freak out, but as soon as I put him on it, he settled right in. A and T had a great time on them too. J, P, and A all went on a ride together with me, which was really fun. The conversations kids have are classic. So simple and imaginative. I loved hearing it.
Rollin' with my homies.....
The kids keeping busy during 'zim-zam'..
We broke out the 'zim-zam' too. M kicked all our butts....a couple of times over. All in all it was a relaxing (I know who'd of thought that anything could be relaxing with six kiddies, right??) weekend.
A and J
One of the times M stomped me
These two couldn't hurt a fly swinging....
We love hanging out with them and our kids all get along great. Thanks a TON for inviting us up. You guys are the BEST!!
The swings and snow


Ben and Heidi said...

How fun but BRRR with the snow!

Beth and Jess said...

Hey Chinky!!!! I finally got my blog up. You guys are so cute. Looks like a fun weekend but the snow does not. It has been four years. Your kids are adorable. I have been totally wondering how you are doing. You look great and happy as always. Love you tons Beth

Cris n Nick said...

How much do I wish I could come be with you crazies?! It's so good to see you guys and your cute babies! We should plan a weekend trip but like to Hawaii or something.

Cris n Nick said...

Hey Beth's in Hawaii, we could go stay with her, look I've got it all worked out!

metromut said...

well dern it all! i am glad ya'll gotsta eat doughnuts fer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. fiddy pounds! hoo-wah! man, if'n i were there, i'da gained pert-near hundert. later.

Joey & nettifer said...

that looks like you guys had a blast! What a fun time!

pam said...

KJ! Thanks for commenting on my blog so that I could see yours too! It was so fun to read about your family. Your kids are SO cute!! Good job on your 3rd half! I want to run it next year. I ran into Jenn Lloyd Tukaufu last year at the half and she told me she saw you. I looked for you but I think you finished like 2 hours before me!!!!!! :) I'm the world's slowest runner! Anyway, you look amazing! I love reading your blog and will definitely be checking back! Love you!