Thursday, October 09, 2008

Our first Parent/ Teacher Conference

It's still funny to both of us that the student(s) have now become the parent(s). I don't remember ever going to parent teacher conference, but I remember not wanting to be around when my mom got back from a couple. Speaking of my mom, she was great to come over and watch the kiddies whilest Teeny and I headed to the school. We weren't sure if A was supposed to come or not, but we kind of thought that his teacher could be a little more open about him if he weren't there. Besides, who wants to go to school when Grandma's around?

A's teacher is really nice. This is her first year teaching and her class is huge (30 kids I think). She played basketball at UVU is probably 6'2" or so. A seems to really like her too. She told us that A is doing great. He gets his work done, plays well with others, has never been unkind to anyone that she's seen, listens to her instructions, and is over-all a good kid. She may say that about most of the kids, but it was nice for us to hear it about A. You always hope that things are going as well as you really think they are. He has been such a fun/ funny kid and we think he's pretty darn smart. We've always been impressed by his memory ans how well he can recall things. He'll remind us of things that we can't even remember. Teeny has bee great in teaching him his letters and reading and he's done great with that too. One thing that we've noticed get a lot better since he's been in school is his coloring. He used to not be the greatest artist, but now he colors in the lines for the most part and colors the whole picture instead of just little blurbs here and there. As far as getting along with others, he's always been that way. He just wants to have a good time, doesn't matter who it's with. He comes home telling us about a new friend everyday. Teeny says that he'll roll his window down and yell 'Hello' to his friends on his way home from school too. We are proud of you A and know that great things await you! We love you kiddo! We hope that every parent teacher conference is as good as our first, that goes for you N and T.


Chambers Family said...

YAY Abe! I am so sad that he is old enough to particpate in parent teacher conferences!

Cris n Nick said...

I love p.t. conferences, but it's just cuz E's so stinking cute. His teachers usually like him, so we've been lucky so far!
A's too cute!
Love you guys!

Beth and Jess said...

I feel the same way at PT conference.I feel like I am still the kid. And I remember too well all the naughty stuff I did so it is so hard to get mad at them. Not that my kids EVER do ANYTHING wrong. :)