Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Time goes by when you're...

So.... ya we know it has been a long time. Time goes by way to fast when you're having fun!! So, buckle up, here it goes!!

Clint and Grandpa Neil took the boys on a train ride to uncle Jesses house to watch the Utes give the Y a beating. Go Utes!!

N and T had pre-school Thanksgiving day part at our house.

We cut down our Christmas tree this year with Neil and Becky and the Jensen clan. Long story short we all ended up in our monkey wagon AKA explorer.

We finally got our tree home and the boys helped decorate it in their jammies.

A's birthday is 4 days from his cousins Coles... they got spy glasses from Grandma.

Clint and Nate liked them too.

A turned 6... I can not believe that we have a 6 year old. What cute boys!

The birthday boy with his loot!

N and T on A's birthday morning.

We went out for pizza and bowling for A's birthday. They all had higher scores them mom.

Aunt Jayne Uncle Kamron and Grandma Shirley came over for a little party.
It was like the Birthday week at our house. A had a little Star Wars party with his friends. It was really cute and they all had a good time trainig to be Jedi Knights.

Santa made a surprise visit to our house this year.
And to Grandma Angus' house. We let A know that the colder it gets the longer Santas beard gets.

The first snow fall on the years is always so fun.

A's kindergarten Christmas program.. he makes a pretty cute reindeer.
Swinging in the snow!!
Riding trax down to temple square to see the lights.

Hot chocolate after the lights.
Decorating Christmas cookies.
Christmas Eve traditions at Grandma Becky and Grandpa Neils house.
Once there was a snowman tall, tall, tall....

Flying monkeys and monkey jammies for all and to all a good night!

Thanks grandma and grandpa Spencer for a memorable eve.


New York Nelsons said...

looks like a fun family to be in! I especially like the jammies!

Cris n Nick said...

Your boys are ridiculous! How cute can 3 boys be?
You have such a beautiful and busy family!
I love the picture of all you guys crammed in the car, it makes me miss you to death. I love you!
You have such a cute home KJ! I really need to come and visit you and get the full effect.
Give yourselves big hugs for me! I miss you and love you!