Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Teeny's Thirteener.....

So, it's time again when running is in the air for Teeny. She once again rocked the Salt Lake Half Marathon. This is the third time she's ran it and the weather always seems to hand out a perfect morning for running. I took the boys up and hit our normal spots to watch her. They were a little hesitant at first because of how many people there were. A kept asking if this was the right race. They warmed up though and had a good time looking for mom. Best thing about it is that when Teeny brought back her medal (which every finisher gets) our boys were all certain she won the race, and we'll let them keep thinking that. She is amazing how she pulls this off every year. It's not the easiest to train when you have three kiddies to take care of, four if you count me. Way to go babe!

Given' 5's at the first stop

A ringin' her in at the finish

She made this look all too easy

The boys and the winner

Me, the lucky SOB

Teeny and Stef. Way to go red, we knew you could do it!


Leslie said...

congrats! It always amazes me that people can do those! But, KJ, you can do anything! Great job!

Cris n Nick said...

You are awesome!!! I love that last picture of you and Stef, it makes me so happy!
Please let me know when this is next year, I would love to try to come down for it. But the thing is, my goal is to win, so I'll race you!
You are my hero!
I love you!

Ben and Heidi said...

What an amazing women! Good job!

Joey and Nettifer said...

KJ you so totally rock! I think you won the race too! What adorable boys you have! Miss you!

Hiatt Family said...

Nice blog Clinty boy. I like the new picture at the top, you guys are are mighty good looking bunch!

pam said...

You're so awesome!!! Good job on the run! (You look amazing, by the way!) I ran the half 2 years ago. I heard that you ran it too because I saw Jenn and she had seen you earlier. Anyway, you totally beat my time! I want to run it next year. We'll see what happens!

Calla said...

That is so awesome you have run the slc half three times! i ran it this year too, wish I had seen you!