Friday, July 10, 2009

Our 4th of July

We started off our 4th up at Palisades Lake with my family. The kids had a blast swimming and playing while Clint was off golfing with the dudes. It was nice just hanging out with the family and soaking up the sun.

My boys with their cousins.

Mr. T loves to wear my sun glasses.

The boys doing a little canoeing with their dad.

N tried so hard to catch a fish in his little bucket.

I would like to give a special thanks to my sisters Jodi and Jacki for teaching Mr. T how to pee in the mountains. One of these days I promise to teach your kids a thing or two.

We went to a motor cross.... we had never been before and my boys thought it was the coolest thing ever. They kept saying "sweeeet!" Hopefully they don't get any big ideas. I have to say it was pretty fun to see.

N and T at the festivities.

A the Dancing king at the concert before the fireworks.

The next day was the parade. My sister and her husband run the town paper, so all my nieces and nephews were in the parade as newsies. It was pretty cute.

A getting ready for the parade.

A and my nephew Carson walking in the parade.

N and T working hard for the candy,

Everyone needed a turn on Ryan and Jacki's sweeet new 4 wheeler when we were all done.

Thanks Jodi and Mark for having us over for the 4th!! We had a blast, just like we do every year!!

After the Gunnison festivities, we headed to Neil and Becky's annual party for some good ole volleyball, steaks, and home made ice cream (no pics, sorry). It was great visiting with everyone there and we hope to see you all next year!


Nick said...

How CUTE!! That's so fun that he got to be in the parade. I almost wore that same outfit, and I wasn't even in a parade!
I love the pic of Tate in your glasses, he looks so stinking cute!
I miss you so much, I want to come and see you and your cute boys!
Love you!

Beth and Jess said...

Sounds like a fabulous traditional Utah 4th of July. It looks like lots of fun. I love your little boy in his newsies outfit. It has got to be just about the cutest thing ever.

Ben and Heidi said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun for the 4th and I love the peeing picture :) total boy thing

Scott and Megan said...

Kjerstine! You are so flippin nice to "advertise" for me. I am so overwhelmed with how many nice people there are out there. YOU being one of them. Thank you for thinking of us. It has sucked, but having support like you guys really helps!:)