Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Janurary... not such a bad month!!

So I always think that January is a terrible long month, and after Christmas I am usually ready for Spring. However this January I decided that time goes by too fast and that I will just enjoy the time that I have. Needles to say January was great, and it feels like spring is right around the corner!!

Some of Clint's favorite people at work retired this January. Cindy who is such a sweetheart and his manager Bob, who has been to great for Clint to work with. They, am sure will both be missed!!
Clint and Cindy
Clint and Bob

My boys love to rock out. It is so funny to watch. They love to play Rock Band at Grandmas. We don't have a wii at our house but that does not stop them. Oh no, not these boys....this night there horses made awesome guitars!!
Abram and Tate rocking out!
Nolan rocking out!
We went to the Hill Air Force Museum on a Saturday.
Abram standing by the same kind of plane Clint's grandpa flew during WWII.
Abram and Nolan
They had the funnest play area for kids. My boys could have been there all day.
Abram flying a plane in his Top Gun helmet.
Nice goggles Mr. T

We did a little more snow shoeing and sledding this month. It was beautiful and fun!
Noland and Tate sledding.
Abram had fun throwing snow balls.
When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!
We took the boys to a Jazz game. Abram especially liked the game.
Me and my three little guys at the game.
Bowling, who doest love bowling when its cold outside on Saturday. The place was packed, everyone had the same idea. It was a blast!
We also got to go to a Utes basketball game. Clint's Grandma is a Golden Girl and dances at a lot of half times during basketball season. So we thought we would go and cheer Grandma on and catch a game while we were at it. GO UTES!!
Grandma Fay in the very back right had corner. She is so cute and it was so fun to see her dance!! Thanks Neil and Becky for letting us tag along. We had a great time!


Beth and Jess said...!!!! I LOVE him peeing in the snow. How funny is that? Although it makes my bum get chicken skin just thinkin about it!!!!!! cute. I love little boys.

Ben and Heidi said...

What better way then to pass the worst month of the year by doing lots of fun stuff! Looks like you guys had lots of fun.

Chambers Family said...

Fun Fun Fun.... I love the pics of the boys rocking out. Now all they need is a little brother or sister to complete the band! Love the glasses Clinty!

Nickie said...

Love the goggles pic, it reminds me of UP, that's Tinks favorite movie for the moment.
Boys are so lucky they can just "go" whenever they wanna. Us girls, we gotta hold it.
I love your family, you always look like you're having fun! How could you not with those cute little boys?!