Thursday, June 03, 2010

May Days....

Welcome to the May edition of the Blog. Life in May was pretty flippin' great for us. We got to do lots of things and we didn't have to wear our jackets for a lot of it!

The boys loved making Teeny these lovely flower bouquets. Pick em all! They love giving their mom flowers.
We hit the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival with Bob and Shirley this year. It was a great day for it. We picnicked before hand. Thanks for coming out and enjoying that with us Grandma and Grandpa!
Classic Bob n' Shirley in the gardens.
We got to ride on a golf cart too. There is no better way to see the gardens when you're in a rush, or just want to dink around!
The "I"talian gardens.
N and T love Toy Story stuff and here's proof. Buzz and Woody are well cared for in our house! So funny what they come up with.
A got to go to the zoo with his mom, which he loved that she came, and his class! This is his group.
A and the Rhino. He did a report on white rhinos and is quite the smarty pants on rhinos.
Here he is with Teeny. He asked a couple hundred times if she was coming for sure. He was so worried he wouldn't be in her group.
A playing soccer. He loved playing goalie. He even stopped quite a few goals!
Our tulips and the monkeys. Every year we fret that they won't look good, or won't come up like last year, but every year they come through for us. We love tulips.
So one night we thought it would be fun to bike ride down to the park and let the boys play before bedtime. Great idea, right? We weren't there for five minutes before T busted his head on the metal stairs. We rushed home and that was that. He's healed just fine now and just has a little scratch there that needs to heal up.
For my dad's birthday, he likes to do a century bike ride. Riding 100 miles at 61 is no easy feat, and I hope to be doing that with my boys some day. We rode from Riverton to Honeyville (Crystal Hot Springs) like we always do. Jess couldn't make it this year, and was missed.
The riders: My dad, me and brother Nate. It was chilly enough we never had to take off a lot of layers.
Our neice Ashlyn got married off too! Teeny went to her shower at Jaynes house. Lots of 'lady' fun.
Our mothers day was pretty great. Fortunately we have the BEST mom ever in our family. She is nothting short of amazing and works her tail off caring for all of us. We love her a ton and hope she feels that from all us stinky boys.
Ashlyn went through the Manti temple for the first time through. It was a great day. Teeny and I love being with the Henlines. Great people.
N and T graduated from Pre-school! They have come so far this year! Teeny reads with them every day and they are such great learners! They loved being with their buddies in class and their teachers, Miss Tausha, Rochelle, were the best. Thanks for teaching our kiddos!
The graduation was at the Lehi Rec Center. A has been such a great example of learning for N and T as well.
Mr. T getting his goods on.
N was voted Mr. Organized. He loves putting things where they go and making sure he's got everything in order. T was given an award for being a great friend to everyone.
Couple of monkeys.
The grads fam. Grandma Becky came too. She's taking the pic.
We headed to Ashlyn and Jakes wedding dinner right after the graduation. Here are the Jensens women....sauce and all!
This is me trying to keep the boys busy at the Temple while Jake and Ash are getting pics.
Another 'keeping them busy' shot.
Teeny and I had a great time. The night before was the dinner and the kids were at Granny Beckys so we stayed downtown at the Plaza Hotel. It was so nice just to be together and not have to rush around for the wedding the next day! Huge thanks to Granny Becky!
Jake and Ash with Mark and Jodi. We couldn't be happier for all of them!
N at the reception. He didn't feel well, but he's still pretty cute.
A and Dylan were gift takers at the reception. I'm pretty sure they did a little more cake eating than gift taking that night.
A and T in Jakes truck.
Mr. T dancing with Ash. Lucky little man.
Speaking of dancing, Teeny and A broke it down allright.


Joey and Nettifer said...

wOW! a LOT has gone on this month! You guys always know how to have fun!
Can I just say how beautiful Kjerstein is! Seriously! Wow! Love her! TEll her that for me would you clint!

Ben and Heidi said...

Looks like you have been up to lots of fun as usual. Love the pictures of the graduation I bet you can't believe they will be in Kindergarten!

Amber said...

May sounds like it was fun month for your cute family.
If you would like an invite to my blog email me

Nickie said...

Your family so rocks, what a cute bunch of cuties you all are. And what is up with Teenie's legs? They are amazing! They always have been though.
I love seeing you guys, your little boys are so beautiful, I want to just kiss them!
Love you tons!