Thursday, September 09, 2010

The rest of our summer.....where did it go???

Sorry about the slew of pictures you are about to see. I am, as I write, making a vow to be more on top of the updating of the blog so I never have to download so many pictures at one time again!! We did a lot of things in the month of August. I always get that feeling when school is about to start, that I need to hurry and play a lot before we are back to schedules and homework. So with that said, let the blogging begin.

We took the boys hiking to Cecret Lake up Little Cottonwood Canyon. I had never been there and it was beautiful. I highly recommend it. The boys had a blast and it was the perfect length for their little legs.

I will let these pics explain themselves.

I do know how to spell secret, but this lake is called Cecret Lake.

Whod a thunk??

I love this picture of Nolan.

On the look out of big horn sheep.

Cowabunga Bay. We were a little hesitant about this place. But it was great. There was so much for the kids to do. Tons of slides for N and T, and A could go on anything. Even standing in line was fun. There is water squirters everywhere, and my kids had a blast playing with them and squirting people.

A and Clint getting ready to go down the big fast slide.
A was so brave, he did all the big fast slides.

Mr. T swimming in the pool. N and T love the lazy river and the turney slides.

Thanksgiving point farmers market.

We love a good farmers market, and the one at Thanksgiving point was great.

Clint bought a tunnel cake. It was delicious!!
They also had yummy produce, we bought some huge black berries, and some nice red potatoes.
My boys had a blast playing the the splash fountain.

Bear Lake was a blast this year. It is my favorite place to camp. My kids have to much fun. They could play on the beach and swim all day, and they did.

There were lots of frogs this year and I think my boys caught at least 4 in their buckets and then would let them go.
N and A on the look out for frogs.

Checking out one of the frogs they caught.
The frog.

Every year Clint loves to make a sand sculpture. This year, you guessed it...a frog.
We did a little bike riding while we were there. The first day Clint and I went with Neil on the Circle Valley ride. It is beautiful. The next day we went on a shorter ride with the boys.

Abram did awesome!!

We also got to do a little jet skiing. My boys keep telling me that they are asking Santa for jet skis for Christmas.

Football on the beach.
Yay for Bear Lake... Until next year.

Collecting shells on the beach. There were tons this year.

Kennecott Copper Mine

This was a fun day trip. The boys thought this was great. The huge trucks were big hit. My Grandpa use to work here on a huge crane. It was fun to remember him and tell my kids stories about my Grandpa. He died just before I got pregnant with Mr. Abram. I wish my kids could have met him. He was a great guy!!

We did a lot of biking this summer. We love to ride our bikes to the snow shack. Nolan and Tate are getting so close to being done with their training wheels. Little more practice and they will have it!!

This is just a random pic of Abram at the dollar store. I just happen to have my camera with me, and thank goodness for that. This picture make me laugh every time I see it.
One of our favorite places in the whole world to visit and I am not even sure what the real name of the place is. We just call it the duck pond. We picnic here at least once a summer. There are all kinds of fun things to do at this park.
Taken a breather with the boys.

Hiking to the top of the river.

They started out feeding the ducks and tons of fish came. Then they just got in the water and were determined to catch a fish with their bare hands. It did not work the way they had hoped it would.

If you hold really still the fish might think you are a rock and then you might be able to catch one with you hands.

Here fishy, fishy, fishy...

We had an amazing summer. It always goes by too fast.


Joey and Nettifer said...

This is what Madelyn wanted me to tell you when she looked at your blog with me!
She can't believe that Clint made a sand frog and that they had a huge frog of their own!
She also loved Bingham Copper mines
She loved the lake the boys were sitting in front of and when can she play with her friends again!
You guys sure know how to have fun!
Love you!

Nickie said...

Seeing the Kennecott stuff reminded me of my dad! I need to take my kids there.
I loved the sand sculpture Clint made, that thing rocks, he's so talented!
You guys look like you're always having fun! I looooved the picture of Abram with the beer goggles on. I hope you bought those for him, they would be perfect for the ward trunk or treat.
I miss you and your sweet family. I know I don't know them that well, but I love them.