Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Welcome to the catch up, which is what I'm trying to get done today....sheesh. The Holidays are certainly here, and we are blessed enough to celebrate A's B-Day in December too, so we're action packed! Here's the pics:

The Boys finally got some snow time with this last big storm. They were dying to play in the snow and stayed out almost all day long.

This is our dog Knibly. She needed a little face time on the blog.
Larry H. Millers sing-a-long was great again this year. The Walkers came with us this year and we all sang our brains out. Loved it!

A little fuzzy, but still cute The kids at the Angus family Christmas Party. Santa is explaining how kids need to be asleep when he comes, or he can't. Serious stuff.
Granny and Santy - Classic.
A asked Santa for a Lego Rollercoaster.
N asked for Hiccup and Toothless.
This pic should be T (we'll replace it). He wanted a Stinky Garbage truck toy.
We hosted the adult Chirstmas party for the Jensen clan, and it was another classic. Dinner was rolled pork loin, and it was awesome! Teeny worked her tail off and it turned out so great. Yum-yum!

A had his 2nd grade Christmas program and sang so great. They did Jingle Bell Rock and It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas along with some other fav's.
Mr. A's 8th birthday was a smash. We didn't tell him, but we got a hotel in SLC and some tickets to the Polar Express at the Utah Symphony. We picked him up Friday from school and just started heading for Salt Lake. We had such a great time as a family and made some great memories. After we checked in we had dinner at the Rio Grande, checked out the lights at Temple Sqauare, rode TRAX, and then headed back to the hotel to swim. After a good nights rest we opened presents, and headed to the Symphony. They loved all of it, but the guy singing the Polar Express wasn't a huge hit with them, nor us. After the Symphony we headed to Monkey Island with some of A's friends. They all had a blast. Teeny and I even joined in the fun. What a day. We all slept fantastically.
A and Cole at Granny Becky's

Teeny and the boys.
Some dork....
The monkey and the monkeys
The sculpture thing at Abravanel.
The Symphony
Shoot em' up....Nerf Style
The Birthday Boy
In love at the lights
The giant red 'tree' at Temple Square

They love to ride this thing.
Our Chirstmas tree was a dandy. We headed up to Daniels summit again with the Jensen's (Miles and Kristy). Neil and Beck came along too. We all got smashing trees, even at the great cost of hiking a ton! It was a little crazy, but all worth it.

Mr. A placing the star.
Hauling the trees isn't an easy task.


Joey and Nettifer said...

love your family! I don't even know how to comment - great minds think a like love that we do the same stuff and run into each other! Your family is adorable and I am glad i got to see A on his birthday! Merry Christmas! Love you and your whole fmaily!

melynda said...

your tree is so beautiful, i want a real tree. and i love the picture of clint on the bounce house, too funny! i hope you all are doing well, merry christmas.

Beth and Jess said...

I love the tree. we tried that tradition when we lived in utah. it was not successful. :) you guys r soooo cute. i have a few daughters to hook up wit those cute boys in 15 years. :)