Thursday, March 24, 2011

The end of our winter and the beginning of our Spring

Clint and his dad went on a snowshoeing trip up Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Clint taking in the view.
Neil on the trail

We got one more ice skating day in this year before it all melted away.
Gotta love Valentines day cookies!! Tate being cute.
Abram had to make cake for his Blue and Gold dinner. The theme was outer space. I thought he did so good. He came up with his own idea for his cake and decorated it by himself. Good job Mr. Abram!!
Bowling in the winter is starting to be a family tradition with us. The boys love it and its always a great thing to do when its so cold out side that you just want to die! We got to bowl in the VIP room this day. The boys thought that was the best ever.
Abram lining it up.
Tate getting ready to bowl.
Nolan in action.
We all had dentist appointments and we all came out on top with no cavities. Woo-Hoo!! After we decided to hit up the local Krispy Kream for a donut and some milk. I know its kind of counter active, but the boys loved watching the donuts being made.
Abram was student of the month and won a pass to play laser tag. So, Clint and Abram had a night of laser tag. Abram is still talking about it. He absolutely loved it! I am so proud of the amazing student he is. Keep it up!!
One of the first warm days of the year. We took to the park to play some football!
Grandma Becky got the boys Legos for Christmas and they have been really into building all kinds of things. This is the zoo Abram, Nolan, and Tate made.
Our Jazz game of the season. Ya gotta a least get one in.
Our friends the Walkers came with us
Abram, Nolan, and Tate got new Jazz shirts and had so much fun!
Nolan and Tate's Kindergarten teacher is the best! She always does the funnest things with them and they love her. I seriously wish she could be their teacher next year and for years to come. They came home from school on St, Patricks day all dressed up like leprechauns and they have been looking for leprechauns every where ever since. Tate wants to be a leprechaun for Halloween next year. They are so funny and they make me so happy!
We took a trip to Zions which started out late and we did not get to hotel until about 8:30 pm. That first night they boys had a blast playing in this cupboard under the T.V. I love to watch their imaginations work.
The next morning we started off hiking and we hiked the whole day. From about 9:00 to 5:00. My boys are like little mountain goats. They had so much fun and love to be out in the warm air and mountains. The weather could not have been better. It was beautiful! It always helps to cure the winter blues when you leave Salt Lake in a snow storm and by the time you get to Zions there is a heat wave and you have not been this warm in months!
Nolan and Tate hiking
Abram took his binoculars everywhere he went.
I love this picture with the mountains in back.
The first of many falls that we came to.
It was so muddy to walk under the falls. We had red mud everywhere. For some reason mud always makes stuff more fun. You gotta love it!
The pictures don't do the mud justice. It was so muddy it sucked the shoes off of Nolans feet and we had a minute of panic trying to get him and his shoes out of the mud.
SO many beautiful places.
We planned this trip because my niece was getting married that weekend down by Zions. It just so happens that Clint parents had planned to go to Zions the same weekend. So we spent a lot of time with them hiking around. They are so fun to be around and the kids could not be happier then when Grandma and Grandpa are there.
Neil and Becky hiking up from the falls.
Nolan showing off his muscles.
Hiking through a narrow part of the trail.
Nolan and Tate out hiking us all. I had to keep telling them to slow down and not to get too far ahead.
Abram loves the water. Always has.
Tate looking for fish.
The whole clan.
Tate watching the water.
The upper Emerald pool water fall.
Nolan found himself and nice little spot to have his snack.
They loved all the little crevices a long the way.
Crossing the raging river.
We did finally see some wild life.
We caught up with my sisters and my neices and nephews and did a little hiking with them too.
Playing by the river. (Always makes me nervous).
After a whole day of hiking there is nothing like havin a big Diet Coke. Becky is a girl who understands this as well as I do. I love this picture and I love that this restraunt served their Cokes in those huge quart bottles!
Then it was off to the hot tub with all the cousins. Perfect ending to a perfect day!
The next day we did a little shopping in Sringdale. Love this hat on Abram.
Sping had sprung in Springdale.
We played at the park before we went to the wedding and the boys had to race their dad to make sure that they are faster then he is.

Zions and Springdale is amazing and one of my favorite spots. Thanks everyone for such a fun and amazing weekend!!


Ben and Heidi said...

Cute stuff.. A did a good job on his cake.. I loved the twins leprechaun hats and it sure sounds and looks like you guys had a great time at zions

melynda said...

your boys are so cute! i love the leprechauns, thats adorable. your pictures in zions look awesome.

Nickie said...

That's it! I gotta go back to Zion's now, that place is beautiful and your pics turned out great. I love the one of your boys playing in the cupboard. Whoever is in there-I love his face.
You have the cutest boys! Ethan would fit right in with them.
It's so fun to see your cute faces! I love that picture of you with the diet cokes in a jar, that just looks like a good dang idea. It gives me food storage ideas...
I couldn't believe that cake, way to go Abram! His face in that pic is to die for.
I love the leprechauns too, that made me laugh right out loud and then London had to come see, and she said, "those boys are cute!" This mom needs to be a little worried maybe.
I super love you guys!

Beth and Jess said...

I want a diet coke in a mason jar!!!!! And I just remembered I need to respond to your facebook message. :) I'm on it. And your kids are so unbelievably cute. Someday we need to get together.

Nickie said...

Ummm, so I spent the weekend with Leonard, and let's just say, she's the little birdie who told me a little something...
Love you!

pam said...

Kjerstine!!! You and your family are so cute and adventurous! I love seeing your blog and all the fun things you do. I'm so not surprised at all. You are so beautiful! I miss you! And I just have to say ... I haven't had a soda in 2 months now but that pic of you with the diet coke in a mason jar SOOOOO makes me want to drink one again!!! Remember the HUGE cokes we used to get from The Malt Shop in Ephraim??? YUMMY!