Friday, July 06, 2012

Blog it up.

So, yeah, it's been a while since we caught ourselves up on what life has been like....crazy.  No, it's been just dandy.  We've done lots of things and that seems to make the fellas happy.  It's pretty easy, just throw just about anything 'non-pink' at them and they're in.  I'm not going to's the pics.

 Mr. T at the new park
 Noly spinning and spinning.....
 A had to climb to the top, a couple of times
 Noly on the ropes
 Mr. T's spidey sense
 Round faced Nash
 Flying the kite...while it lasted

Nolan and Tate had a great performance this year at their 1st grade program.  They wore the sweetest staches that we'd ever seen, probably will be better than the ones they can grow. 

 Sporting the stache
 Stache buddies
 You talkin' to me???
 Mr. Bounce, he loves it
 Our first RSL game.  It was awesome even though we missed the only goal!
 The Easter egg hunt this year was awesome, except N and T hardly got any eggs.  Abe was nice enough to let them have some of his.
 This is one of the statues that Thanksgiving Point is putting in their gardens.  There are about 10 others that are smaller scale, but will be made huge and placed in the gardens.  Great idea, we love it!
 Coloring eggs at Granny's
 Noly has the funniest faces.
 Tate takin' a looksy
 Keeping the Nash happy....
 The kiddos and the goodies
 Nash loves it when I toss him like this, and I can't resist to hear him giggle.
 The fellas in their Easter duds.
 The newby and his Madre.
 Our first movie night in the FINISHED basement.  We love having it done.
 We hit the Utes Spring Football game this year too.  Love the RED.
 Tate and I taking it in.
 Go Utes.
 Abe wigging out about swimming.  We headed south this year to Clint's planning conference and the boys made the best of it.
 Oh, if you could hear him, it would be that much better!
 Discovering the Discovery.
 Parkin' it.
 This was at the Jensen Farm Dino Museum in St. George.  Tons of footprints and signs of dinos.
 Examining the evidence.
 Most of the museum.  We were hoping it'd be more outdoorsy.
 At one of our favorite parks in St. George.
 Chillin' at the pool.
 Kids love water
 Heading out for a stroll by the river.
 Hiking by Leeds on our way home.
 Abram went to the Planetarium for his school trip this year.  Teeny was able to go with him and said they had so much more than she thought they would there.
 N, T, and McKinley at the zoo.  Apparently the tiger was eyeballing some small prey.
 Soccering it up.
 Mothers day with the boys.
 "How do you eat yours, with your hands?"
 Shooot diggity Dang!
 Abram at Father and Sons
 We love our tent!
Kickin' it.
 N and T's field day.
 The Spencer Family Big Day....inspired by the movie, "The Big Year".  Grandpa Neil got all of us books of Utah birds and we headed up to the bird refuge to count how many we could see in a day.  It was more fun that we thought it would be and we learned about lots of new feathered creatures.  We lasted til about noon when it started raining.
 On the lookout.
 Readying for the rain.
 Our second RSL game.  RSL got worked that night.  Sad.
 N and T's 7th birthday came way too soon for us.  Still doesn't seem like they are that old.  They had a great day though and we loved spending it with them.
 Love the dudes, love the number, love the poster, love it!!
 We love it when all 4 of them play together.
 For their birthday we headed to the zoo for the 1st day of the new Rocky Shores exhibit.  It was a perfect day at the zoo and we love the new stuff!
 Shaking the Grizzbee.
 The new grizzlies at the zoo.
 Abram just had to see.
 The bird show is one of our favorite things there!!
 Checking out the business end of a Rhino.
 Waiting for a veiw of the Polar Bear.
 In a log
 Abram and 'Big Guy'.
 Four dudes.
 Three dudes.
 Two dudes getting ready for swimming at the Orem pool.
 One happy dude and his hot mom.
 Abram is turning into a fish.
 I have not idea what N is about to do to Tate, but I don't think he liked it.
 It's a bugger being 7.
 End of the year awards.  Abrams team finally won their last game.
 3 superstars.
T and N's birthday bash.  I specifically had to tell them repeatedly not to squirt the camera.  I was sweating it.
 The cake of cups.
 Balloon busting.
 Waiting for the fireworks at Pony Express Days in Eagle Mtn.  It was a perfect evening.
 Partying at granny's.
These guys have been wanting these forever and finally got them.  So lucky except the alarm goes off every day at 8pm.


Scott and Megan said...

bring it on!!! I love pictures of the boys. They are a riot! You look adorable all the time--I loved seeing you at the Lehi Trafalga! You are just a lil gem! I would love to get together!xoxo

Ben and Heidi said...

Great update. Tons of fun pictures.