Friday, April 20, 2007

The color RED.....

This might come off sounding a little gross, but it's one of those things you have to remember. A is a color connoisseur. He loves the color green and we keep him distracted a lot when he gets mad by asking him if he can find something green (a car, grass, leaves, whatever). He asked me a while ago, "Dad, what's your favorite color?". Red has always been my favorite color. I don't know why. It might be because I loved the 49ers when I was a kid and their colors are red and gold, or because the Utes are red and white. Anyway, he finds red things all the time and asks me, "Dad, what color is that truck?", "Red" I'll say, "Hey, it's your favorite color!". He's picked up on us pretty quick. So, this is where the story might get a little 'off color'. Apparently yesterday Teeny was upstairs playing with the boys when A just got up and took off. She went downstairs to see what he was up to and he'd gone #2. More than that though he told her to come look at it (our friend Joey would appreciate this). "It" was red (sort of orangy-red), and he was so excited because it was dad's favorite color and he had to show mom. Awesome. I died laughing when Teeny told me that. There was something else he said the other day too that busted us up, but we can't remember exactly what it was which is why I had to write this one down.

Teeny is running the Salt Lake Marathon this weekend (April 21st) and we'll be at the Gateway at around 9am tomorrow. She's trained well and will do super! We also finished our swingset. Only a week and two days to finish it. We'll get some pics up soon of the events. Happy Friday!

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nettifer said...

You are killing me. I am laughing so hard. That is so joey! I am going to have Joey read this!
KJ kick butt in running! You are my super runner friend!