Saturday, April 21, 2007

Run, Teeny, Run!!

So today was Teeny's half marathon (13.1 miles). She did awesome! I am so impressed by how well she did today, and wish like crazy that I'd done as well with mine, but alas hydration was a problem for me and you know the rest. She had to be at the Gateway at the flippin' butt crack of dawn so she left me here to rally the troops and get us all up there to see her. We left at 7am and Grandma Becky was kind enough to take N and T. So it was just A and I in Salt Lake this morning. There were a ton of runners. I think they said they had 10,000 runners for all three events today (Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K). I caught up with Teeny at about mile 6. We stopped in a little neighborhood up just south of Sugarhouse Park and waited for about 10 minutes before she came whizzing by. Then, we headed down just west of Sugarhouse and saw her again. A liked watching all the runners and would ask questions about what they were all wearing, or why this person had orange hair, or if I knew that guy, etc.. Teeny looked great today, not tired at all. The weather even worked out perfectly. It was about 45 or so and slightly overcast. We saw her again just past Liberty Park and then caught her finish. The last time we ran a half marathon it took us 2 hours 20 minutes and she finished in about 2 hours and 10 minutes! Really, I am so impressed with her and wish like crazy that I could have run with her today. We ran into Bob and Shirley, and Jacki and Dylan too up at the Gateway. I'm glad they came to see her run. After the run we picked up the twins and headed to Denny's so Teeny could get her 'Moons Over My Hammy' lunch she's been craving for so long. Congrats TEENY and way to kick it in the butt!

This lady in the leopard sports bra really stole the show!!


nettifer said...

KJ you kick butt! I am so proud of you. Maybe I can one day do that. I have always wanted ot. Just don't even know where to begin. I think you are awesome. WE were down watching the runners, I looked for you, but never saw you! Love you!

The Dean's said...

KJ and Clint... How fun to see your life. I found your blog through Netties... LOVE IT. I'm just getting into this whole running thing. I'm running the 5k race for the cure. I'm not up to the half marathon... Baby steps..
Love and Miss you guys,