Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fenced in....Almost...

So for you that have never built a wood fence, stick with vinyl, you'll never regret it. We feel like the last 2 months of our life has been busting our butts on getting our fence built. Holy cow. Anyway, we're finally to the point that it's starting to pay off and we're finishing up with some sections and it really turned out great. So here are some of the pics and some other things going on in the midst of fence building....
So, this shows what our kids have been up to while we're butt busting. Here you can see the posts up, which means Teeny and I have already dug the holes, mixed the cement and lugged the post into place.
After we set the posts, we did the top rail. This was probably only the third time I tried to set this rail. It seems like it took at least 3 to get some of them right. Gud thing i's S-M-R-T!
Our neighbors had their grand daughter over, Autumn, of whom A fell in love with. She was there over the weekend and A couldn't get enough of her. This is them sleeping on the slip and slide.
Our neighbors, the Glens, helping the work go along....slow and steady, but mostly slow.
So, this pic shows going up the slope and we're done with most of the rails. The rails took for friggin' ever.....seriously.
And now for the finished product. Not too shabby! We actually really love the way it turned out!
Teeny got together with her friends Larry, Zippa, and Tiff and their kids to see who could lose their kids first. Luckily it was a tie, and nobody was lost at the Thanksgiving Point Farm Country.
T and no hands on a horse.
P-man and N in the winder...
Larry and her kid Mads with A and the Harses....
N goofing around with his hat. I think he knows how funny he really is.
T reachin for a spin.
"So, N, where too?"
This is the Henlines. Mitch, the one who looks like a missionary, left for his mission to Barbados (Puerto Rico East Mission) where he will test and report on several different types of sunblock and surfing techniques for two years.
The Jensen Fam. What a happy lot.
This is Beck proving that you're never too old to lick the frosting off your Lightning McQueen birthday candle! Happy B-day Ma!
The fam came down to celebrate. In this pic we have my brother Jesse (sitting down) the doctor, really, and to the left (standing up) is Nate the bishop, just called.
N apparently tried to snort his brownie.
We might also call this the summer of the zim-zam. Teeny loves to bust it out. Her and Lindy-Lou having at it.
Jess and Lindy zim-zamming. This is also a good pic of the fence behind them. We finished most of these sections a couple nights ago. Pics to be posted later.


Ryan and Jacki Andrew said...

We are still waiting for our invite to a BBQ. The fence looks great. Now that you are so experienced you can come help with our.

Joey & nettifer said...

WOW that fence is awesome. I did not know that you fence went up like that - it is so pretty and way better then vinyl! Sorry it kicked your trash, but hey it worked out.
I want to play that zim zam game it looks fun!

Last night was fun and the pics are way cute. I took a peak at them this morning! Love your boys!

Hiatt Family said...

Wow! Your fence looks SO nice!

Beth and Jess said...

Love the fence and I want to come play zim zam. I am going to start looking for one on Kauai.

Ben and Heidi said...

Congrats on getting your fence done. Now you can keep those crazy boys fenced in :)

Chambers Family said...

Your fence looks great... come to my house and help with some projects!!!

zippa said...

your fence looks friggin amazing!!! I am so impressed, sorry it has been so out of control to get it up but just think you'll forget all the pain and anguish in no time as you sit in your fenced in yard. The Dr and the bishop that is awesome. We love you guys to death. Thanks for coming to the goon with us. Luvs

Cris n Nick said...

Way to go on the fence, it looks great. Don't tell people you did it, cuz they'll just want you to do their's-keep it on the "D.L." wink wink....oh wait, you just blogged it. Bummer for you, now you're gonna be puttin' up fences all over the place. That's what you get for being talented.
love you guys!