Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Goon, the 4th, Bowlin', and the Dirt....

Welcome to the mid-month edition of the blog. We started out this month at 'Your brand of summer fun' as Teeny constantly reminds me. Our good friends scored some bounce back tickets and invited us along (thanks M and Zippa). We couldn't have picked a hotter day to be there. There were some rides when we were waiting in line that I'm pretty sure took a couple years of our life expectancy. The kiddies loved the rides though! It was a great day for lines too. Good times. Here are the pics:

A and P's orange cruiser

Whale ridin'

A's face is hilarious....who knew a whale could be so fun??

Flyin' saucer

N would just snuggle up to us on most of the faster rides, then when we'd tell him it was over, he'd clap his hands and say, "Nice rollercoaster!"

A and Jen rolllin'

So we couldn't find T on this ride and started freakin' out that he was under it, or was going to get hit.....but

He just turned up on the highest one, and we didn't suspect that at all....whack-o parents.

Teeny and I shook our internal organs on the white rollercoaster

The whole fam-damily on the Tidal Wave

A and T on the swings with Jen

Zippa and the kiddies. She's preg-o so this was about as exciting as it got for her. She's great for inviting us still.

Teeny and T on Puff

This was after Rattlesnake Rapids. Teeny thought this would be fun, and turns out it was.

The giant ferris wheel....finishing up the day

N snuggling up on my flab

This is how you can tell you had a good day at the goon. These guys were out before we left the parking lot.

The Fourth was another success. We celebrated by busting our humps on the fence some more and heading over to Neil and Becks for the annual par-tay!

Nothing says 'in your face' more than a big ole tounge.....This is the Fish

Gathering around for the telling of BS, lots of it too.

Ava and T and homemade icecream. What a day.

I'm pretty sure that I mentioned my little bro Jesse is a doctor now. Here he is 'acting' surprised at his 'surprise we can't believe you're actually a doctor party'. If anyone sees him for your doctor visit, you might want a second opinion.

'For ME???'

N can't wait to chuck a huge ball down on the wood.

Teeny after her strike, "Bowling, shmoling....".

T's turn

A loved the orange ball, and did pretty good....105.

Now on to camping. We'd been planning this for a while and had talked to the camp hosts about camp sites filling up. They said they had plenty of sites, but when it came right down to it, I'm pretty sure we got the last site along the Wasatch Front. We ended up at the Hope Campground up Provo Canyon. It was nice to get away from the norm and the $#@! fence.

A was sure this was a dino print....

The Squaw Peek road over look.

The hills are alive.....

This is Halle. She's our friends Mike and Sara's littlest and was a super trooper camping. She woke us up on Saturday, but she sounded so happy we didn't even care that it was 6:30am.

Marshmallow madness.

Hiking round the campground.

N chuckin' rocks....go figure.

A spotted this deer on our drive.

N at Bridal Veil falls.

T getting his feet wet.

A damming off the water.

Da boys in da wadda....


Ben and Heidi said...

Looks like you guys have been enjoying your summer. I think they should invent the fast passes at lagoon so you don't have to wait in all those lines in the hot sun.

zippa said...

I love this post! You guys have been busy. How late did you stay at the GOON, way fun. Love the car picture at the end. I love camping. Nothin better than sitting around a fire. Love you guys.

Hiatt Family said...

Nice lagoon pics Clinty, reminded me of riding up in the "sleeper" on old brown to Farmington to go there.Awesome!!!!

Chambers Family said...

WOW! You guys have been busy. I think that Abe was in Heaven at Lagoon....he is so great!