Sunday, June 14, 2009

I really need to update more often...

My tulips were awesome this year.
Clint took the boys to Thanksgiving Point,
here are a few pics.

Climbing on the rocks.

New things to crawl through and do this year.

Rolling down the hill has always been fun.

After the gardens they went to the Dino. museum.
A is loving baseball, and has improved sooo much!!
Hanging out in the backyard with a Popsicle...there is nothing that says summer more then that.
We also had a weenie roast in the back yard.
For Neil's 60th birthday he wanted to go for a big bike ride with his sons. They rode 100 miles from Riverton to Crystal Hot Springs. I drove the kids up later and we swam. It was a ton of fun.
Clint on the ride.
The big finish.

N swimming at Crystal.... classic.
To make a long story short, A fell big time on his scooter. He busted his front tooth out, was scrapped up from head to navel, ripped a hole in his mouth this size if Tahiti (which he needed stitches for), and broke my heart all in about 2 seconds. I am so glad he was wearing his helmet. This picture was taken about 2 days after it happened and he looks a ton better then he did the first day. Every time I looked at him it just made my heart hurt. He was a very tough boy at the Docs. and did not cry once he got there. He left that up to his mom. I think I was more scared then he was.

A graduated from Kindergarten.
Him and his friend Austin
He did so good in his little program. It makes me sad that he is growing up so fast.

The whole fam. at the graduation.
Clint did his Triathlon and did amazingly awesome!!! Way to go babe you are the best!!
Clint and A before the big swim.
Transition for the bike ride.
Half way done with the bike ride.
Now just the run and your done.
The finish line. I am so proud of him, he did so good and was so fast. He trained hard and did well.
N and A waiting at the finish line.
All of my good lookin' boys!
Kamron and Clint at the finish.
The boys checkin' out the specs.
N and T turned 4!!!
N and T... I can't believe my babies are 4!!!
Grandma and Grandpa Jensen hooked them up with some Thomas toys.
Morning of their birthday.
Checking our their Happy Birthday poster Clint made.
New big boy bikes.

Get your motor runnin'.......
We had their friends over for a little pool party in the back yard.
That night when clint got off work we went to the pool for some more swimming. They love to wear their life jackets and goggles. I think it is so funny, I absolutely love these pictures, they crack me up.

This is the Place
Grandma Becky took my kids and Maggie, Cole, and Fisher out for the day.
On the train to see all the sights.

A day out with Grandma is not complete with out ice cream.


Beth and Jess said...

Poor A's little face. That is sooo sad. It looks like it was just awful. I hate when they get hurt like that. That one looks like a bad one. I LOVE your shoes in the new family picture so cute. And your tulips look fab. I miss tulips like CRAZY!!! I know I shouldn't complain living on the garden island but I DO miss tulips a lot. Yours are gorgeous. I love being able to keep up with you on the blog but Man I am dying to have a real conversation with you ya know? Come to Kauai. :)

Joey and Nettifer said...

Gosh where do I start to even comment. Maybe I should just call :)
Love the tulips - when are they passing out the free ones?
A's face looks pretty good, but i would have bawled my eyes out! Way to be brave A!
Happy Birthday to the cutest twins I know! THey look so cute with the googles on - they sure had a fun special day!
Love that Clint did a tri!! That is so flipping awesome and a 100 mile bike ride. I love how active you guys are!
Glad that summer is treating you guys so good!
love ya!

Ben and Heidi said...

Wow lots going on in your life! congratulations on making 4 years with the twins that is crazy! And poor A that doesn't look like it felt good. Also off the subject we are double checking for our New Moon list for November 20 and had you down for 1 ticket for that night is that still your plan?

SETHER+ONE said...

I can't believe how big your boys are!! They are so cute. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that cries when kids get hurt. Miles fell and had this goose egg on his forehead that was HUGE. It scared me and I cried. I was a little embarrassed. :) You look hot!