Monday, June 15, 2009

Numero "10" and the Bahama-Mama

This one's for you, babe.

Ten years ago (June 10, 1999) Teeny graced me at the alter to marry me for "time and all eternity". What possessed her to do so was probably my good looks, because I had no money (not even a job at the time). We've come a long way since then. 10 years . . . . and look at all the amazing things that have happened. Three young lads now occupy our home and most of our lives, which we love. We have a home to put those three lads in, and dependable cars to run them around in (the old Hyundai just didn't make dependable). I even have a job now! There is just too much to even go into here, but we are happy, healthy, weal....well, we're doing OK there, and wiser.

To celebrate such an occasion we thought about taking our first cruise. Mexico was cheap and we started our search there, but then the flu hit and we had to start all over. Tahoe maybe, or what about.....the Bahamas! We got looking into cruises there and they were cheaper than Mexico, we just had to get to Miami. Well, we figured a way to do it pretty cheap and booked it. Now that we've gone and been home, we couldn't have done ourselves better.

After checking in and spending the afternoon on the pool deck, ordering Cokes at will, we headed down the the spacious room to get ready for dinner.

Hanging out on the top deck was the best. Here I am as we headed out to the Bahamas.

This is looking back at Miami after possibly the most amazing lightning/ rain storm we've ever been through! Glad it passed.

Glad I trimmed my toenails for this one. That's the Norweigian Cruiser in the distance.

All the ladies hair was doing exactly what Teeny's is here. I was sure we were going to get nailed by lightning. It was probably like this for a good hour!

After our dinner (steaks, yumm) we learned to Salsa and then hit the 70's dance floor with our cruise director pictured here. He was hilarious! He'd probably stuck 3 wigs together to create this bad boy fro.

Day Two: Coco Cay
Here we are on the ferry to the island. Royal Carribean owns it, and they brought a BBQ lunch out to us too. We sat around on the chairs, snorkeled, ate, swam and hob-nobbed the local shops. What a relaxing day!

Teeny looks amazing.

Heading out to snorkel. I may have scared some fish away that day, but we still had a great time. We saw a sting ray of sorts, blue fish, puffer fish, sunken airplane, etc. We could have stayed out there all day.

This picture is mearly to compensate for the last horrible one I was in.

A seagull shat on my chair, missing my leg by inches, but still managing to splatter on it. I hate thems seagulls!

Looking back on the sunset after Coco Cay.

Teeny, her man, and her drink (Diet Coke of course!!)

After watching the 'How well do you know your wife show' we spent the next night dancing too. This time is was outside by the pool and we sweated like crazy. Teeny probably won't like this pic, but it was fun.

Day Three: Nassau, Bahamas
We hopped off the ship and shopped at the local flea market before heading to lunch at Senor Frogs. Then we hit the beach. Yeah, rough day.


My beach babe. Check out that clear blue water. While we were sitting here we had some fish just start jumping out of the water all around us. Freaked us out. We thought for sure they were piranha. We also had a little crab friend that was next to our beach towels come out of his hole and do a little excavating. He was pretty fun to watch.

This is the view leaving Nassau. The picture is of Paradise Island and the city of Atlantis. We didn't make it over there, but it sure was nice to look at from the beach across the bay.

This is Teeny's cruise bling she bought on the ship. They were selling all kinds of things for cheap. My souvenir was a frisbee that changes color in the sun (sounds pretty jouvenile, and it probably is).

This is my 'hollywood wife' picture. It should have a caption about how this hot celebrity stopped to pose for a picture with a local.

Alas, the trip came to an end, but we had the best time. This is the farewell breakfast back in Miami. We spent the rest of the day in the airports getting back home. It was great seeing the kiddies again and we owe a big thanks to my mom for watching them. We'll definitely be cruising again.


Joey and Nettifer said...

STOP THE TRUCK! yOU WENT ON A CRUISE! That is so flipping awesome! I love it and I sure do love the bahamas! Man that place is so beautiful! I can't believe it has been 10 years! Congrats and happy anniversary! We need to hang out!
Love you both tons! Glad to say I was there on that beautiful wedding day 10 years ago~!

Ben and Heidi said...

Happy 10 year! Wow what a fun little getaway!

Leslie said...

Happy 10 years! It's hard to believe how time goes by so fast! The cruise looks like fun! I love that you really feel rich for a week or so when you're on a cruise. Nothing to worry about, and everyone waiting on you hand and foot! It must be the closest thing to life as a celebrity as I'll ever know! Congrats again!!!

marci said...

I found your blog! Congrats on making it 10 years!!! Aren't cruises the BEST? Glad you had fun!

Hiatt Family said...

Happy Ten years Clinty boy! Seems like yesterday I talked you up to Teeny down at Snow:) Sounds like it has been a good ten years.

Nick said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you guys got to do that! It looks like you had a wonderful time. I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!
I love you guys, your boys look like they're doing awesome, I bet they missed you a ton while you were gone. I bet you missed them a little bit too.

CHRiSTiE said...

Happy 10 years! WOW, a cruise, I'm jealous!! Looks like you guys had an awesome time. You guys deserved it. See you soon.

Beth and Jess said...

Congrats on ten years!!! How fun you got to go on a cruise!! And girl you look SOOO good. Seriously you are just as beautiful as ever. Miss you!!!!!