Thursday, October 01, 2009

Chugging through September....

Cruising right along here.... This is what we did in September. Now that it's officially October. It's all in reverse though, most recent to least recent.

Our latest outing was to Cascade Springs up the Alpine Loop. We usually go later in the year, but wanted to get up there this year to catch the leaves at their best, and we dare say we did! The canyon was a plethora of color. We love being in Utah where we get to experience all the wonders of the changing of the seasons. Winter can wait, but we'll hopefully have a nice Fall to enjoy.

Cascade Springs, what a place
A thought this log looked like a Pterosaurus. He'd be sitting right on it's head.
Boys on a bridge, they love it.
Love the fall colors, and the hot momma.
The spider tree. A remembers this tree every time we talk about Cascade Springs.
The brother actually looks more like a hug these days than a strangle.
N's leaf.
Trying to get these guys to look the same way at the same time.....impossible.
Checking out the fish there. The water is soo clear and you could see 20 trout just hanging out.
Our picnic before the Springs. The boys had to explore as soon as they could.

There was one night that we wanted to get out and do something different. There is a park in Pleasant Grove that has this great castle playground with all kinds of things to play on that we hadn't been to in a while so we thought we give it a shot. Last time we were here we had to follow N and T like a hawk, but this time they were big enough to be on their own. They had a blast! We picnicked and then Teeny and I just chatted whilest the boys played. Just what we needed that night!
You can maybe see a fourth of it here. When we pulled up N said, "Look, it's not creepy". Funniest kid.
N and T looking for A.
He was on the bridge. Nice view of Timp here too.
The boys and the beauty in the 'volcano'.

N and T had their first field trip with their preschool. They went to Miss Rochelles parents orchard and picked fruit and had a great time. Thanks Miss Rochelle and Miss Tausha! They had a great time and it's fun watching them play with their little buddies.
Monkey in a tree.
Monkey #2 in a tree.
Their classmates/ buddies. Pretty fun group.

Our annual trip to the zoo came later than most years. We usually go on Teeny's birthday, but this year we had something else going on and so we decided we'd better go before it gets too late. It was good timing though because there were a lot of animals born this year and we got to see quite a few of them, including the elephant. It was her grand debut the day we went.
Da train, da train!
This was new from the last time we came. They are about the same size as a juvenile.
Hanging out by the ram.
The new elephant. Her name escapes me at the moment. Z___something.
Another shot of the newbie and A's head.
We think this was the first time N had the courage to drink from the Lion fountain. Brave little mister.

Labor Day. For those who don't know, next to Christmas this is Clint's favorite holiday. We head down to Payson for three days of fun packed days. This year was a little different though because a lot of the fam couldn't make it. We missed those who weren't there, but tried to keep the ship afloat without them. We had a great time again at Granny and Trina's and a big thanks to them and the Callisters for all the fun they bring! Whooot whooot!
A at the p-rade.
Teeny always rocks the limbo, but Kaylee was keeping her in check this year.
A loves the rides, no matter how many times he's been on them. He's great.
N and T loved them too. Trucks, trains, and spaceships. Who could ask for more?
A and T on the train. Looks pretty magical to us.
N and Ava right behind them.
Our trip to the grotto was as great as usual. There were a few more creek crossings though. The fellas did great.
This is the grotto. It's a small waterfall up Payson Canyon that we've been going to for years.
On the way up to the grotto.
The golf tourney was a little different this year, but still tons of good times. Teeny and I BS'ed with Matt and Christy, and Rach and Doug. It was nice to spend time as grown ups and talk big people talk. We played Spanish Oaks this year and I really loved the windmills in the background.
Lovebirds. We couldn't keep these two off each other all day.


Joey and Nettifer said...

Wow when you post you really really post! Love all the pictures. I remember cascade spring from when I was little. Only been there with snow though. What a fun time you guys had with the kids!
That park look so flipping cool! To bad PG is so far away!
Glad you guys had a good Sept!
Here's to October!

Nickie said...

Your life looks like too much fun! I love your cute little boys, I wish they knew me and I knew them better.
The pictures at Alpine loop are beautiful, I love leaf trips in the fall.
Kjerst, you-as always, look amazing, I can't get over it, you're so gorgeous!
I love you guys!

Ben and Heidi said...

I swear you guys are always up to so much fun! can you believe that another month has come and gone