Thursday, June 07, 2007

N and T are TWO!

So, holy cow, N and T turned 2 on Friday June 1st!! We can't believe that it's gone by soo fast. We are excited that we've made it this far too. Three boys is pretty busy. Teeny convinced me I needed to take the day off, so what the heck, right? When they woke up they opened their presents first. A was a great helper here. We got them some clothes and a bubble machine (POS that didn't work...we took it back for a play sprinkler) and a steering wheel for the swingset. N could turn that thing all day long! We also got some stuff for A for his half birthday. Mostly swimming stuff that he needed. The morning was fun and then we got to head up to the Chevron pool. We had a little swimming party there for them, and thanks to all that showed up. They got some great gifts and love, seriously love, every one of them. They played with boats, trucks, balls, tents, swimming pools, etc. all weekend. Saturday we played in the yard almost all day and then that night we went to the fireworks. We loaded up the boys in the bike trailers and headed to the park. It worked out perfect. There wasn't hardly a crowd there and we had plenty of room for the guys to wiggle around. A was totally excited to see the fireworks. He kept asking and asking, "When are they going to start?". Needless to say he loved them, and loved telling us about them, which we loved! N and T were totally taken by them too. At first N was a little timid, but later he'd point up at them and say "Wow!". T was just enthralled the whole time by them. Then on Sunday we headed to Becky's after our lousy 1-4pm church, not crazy about the time. Gma and Gpa got them these great little trikes and Nate and Jodi got them the funnest little bells for them! They loved just sitting on them ringing the bells. Thanks guys! All in all we are so excited we have the boys we do in our family. We are so blessed and fortunate that they are as handsome as they are too because it assures us cute grandkids....but what did you expect?
N loves to drive the wheel, loves it!!!
Spriderman goggles, Thomas PJ's...A's lovin' it!
Like we said, all day long....
T has to have his glasses, wish I had a pair too...
Yeah, pretty sweet little guys.....go ahead, envy.
At the park with the cousins
Bob n' Shirley hangin' out
The teepee from Bob n' Shirley - AWESOME!!
After a mere two hours we got this baby pumped up - Thanks Jane!
This kid LOVES his bike!
Teeny made these baseball cakes for them, they loved it!


metromut said...

We are sad that we missed another wild and crazy party.... Stupid school. Your boys look like a gang of hoodies. xoxoxoxox

nettifer said...

I can't believe they are two! What cute boys you have and what fun toys they have too!