Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our Boys Love Thomas!!!

This happened a while ago, but we're just getting around to posting it. We decided for part of N and T Birthday fun we would take the family up to see Thomas who just happened to be in town. Neil and Becky decided they wanted to come and brought Maggie, Cole, Fisher, and Ava. The more the merrier, we all had a blast. We were going to eat at the famous train restraunt, however when we got there the line was out the door for a lousy burger, all in the name of Thomas. We ended up eatting at Pizza Hut which by the way was also pretty crazy. A was especially excited to see Thomas. I don't think he could believe his eyes. N and T were just happy to be on a train. However they now know and love Thomas themselves. Who ever thought so many kids could love a little blue train.
The gang and Thomas....more kids than adults.....tons of fun!!

Our little fam and old #1


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nettifer said...

I am with you on how much kids love that train! Like the picture of you guys below the name "spencer" to cute! What a fun family you are!